Lahore and Karachi: according to the residents of each, theirs is the city that offers the best metropolitan experience possible.

It’s an age-old rivalry, and we all know how it works. Both try to one-up each other, often throwing verbal stingers that may not necessarily be totally accurate.

Here are some of the things Lahoris think concerning Karachiites that may be severely misconceived:

1) Nokia Back-Up

Lahoris tend to be really concerned about the fact that one’s expensive iPhone getting snatched while out and about is a real, dangerous concept that Karachi residents have to be vigilant about all the time. In fact, it is often believed that Karachiites still have to go around with a small, cheap, Nokia handset that can act as a substitute for snatchers.

This might be stretching things a bit… it may have been true before but not now. It’s not completely lawless.

2) Beach Bums

No, Karachiites do not actually spend their entire lives lying on the beach.

Don’t be mistaken, they do like the beach. But they have to work just like the rest of us, which means they can’t waste away rolling in the sand all day every day.

3) Elitists

Surprisingly, Lahoris think people living in Karachi tend to think a lot about themselves. Because Karachi is more than twice the size of Lahore, its people are sometimes thought to be extra urbanized, and thus more uppity and sophisticated.

They’re just people, like you and me. Karachiites can be just as open, fun, and friendly as any Lahori out there – and it’s not like there’s any shortage of elitists here in Lahore.

4) Casual, Always

Karachiites are thought to be parading around in their pajamas all the time, or in clothes that resemble pajamas. Honestly, though, everyone dresses pretty much the same in Lahore and Karachi.

If you’re expecting sequins, then yes, Karachiites dress casually.

5) All About the Money

Some Lahoris think Karachiites to be cold and money-centered but that’s just another hypocritical assumption. Karachi may be a more commercialized, fast-moving city but that doesn’t mean it’s citizens are mindlessly focused on making money.

Yeah, not really.

6) Compulsive Dhaba Eaters

Karachi citizens do actually have food from places other than road-side dhabas. And yes, there are quite a few other places to accommodate them when they want to grab a bite to eat.

In fact, they have better fine dining than Lahore does.

7) Stuck to the Lens

Not every Karachiite boasts of being either a professional photographer, blogger, or filmmaker. There are some run-of-the-mill doctors and lawyers in the mix as well, who don’t even own a camera.

It’s not completely a glammed up artist’s world.

8) Angry Drivers

Contrary to what Lahoris think, Karachiites can be pretty calm and level-headed while driving. Of course, it’s only natural to get impatient when the traffic is really bad, but it’s not a complete riot on the roads.

It’s not quite as bad as all that.

9) They Hate Lahoris

Here’s the most ridiculous falsehood for the last one. No, Karachiites do not have a permanent vendetta against Lahoris. They have better things to be doing than looking down on them. Everything they do is not geared towards ridiculing or one-upping Lahoris.

Let’s leave this childish notion behind.


It’s unsettling how there’s such a great divide sometimes between people who are, after all, from the same country. But that’s okay. It makes for some weird misconceptions that, when clarified, help us realize we’re really not all that different.


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