Just a few hours ago, human rights activist, advocate, and independent candidate for NA-247 Jibran Nasir was arrested in Karachi. Nasir was forced out of his car, beaten, his clothes ripped and dragged across the road as indicated by a judge.

The reason for his arrest is an alleged “security breach.” Nasir reportedly “disrupted” the protocol procession of a judge and was later irreverently arrested by the police. His behavior was called unruly after he denied to follow the protocol and clear the road for a judge.

Upon his arrest, Nasir managed to video tape himself struggling to keep his phone on, to tell the Pakistanis that he was beaten and arrested for no apparent cause.

Later, it was reported that Nasir refused to leave the police station once the officers learnt of his prestige. He claimed that he informed the police of his identity once they stopped beating him, the same members later freed him. However, to fight the perennial VIP protocol, Nasir is reportedly still at the police station refusing to go home. The complete video of him speaking to the media is provided below.

Nasir can be seen asking to stay for the night and refusing all possibilities of being released merely because “his identity is now known.” He wishes to be treated like an ordinary citizen of Karachi who lacks a strong family and has no connections within the system. Nasir can be heard claiming that if he takes the police up on their offer to return home he is merely reinforcing the VIP state of mind. Clear covets to be treated like an ordinary citizen arrested without a reason have been put forth by the independent candidate.

He says:

“If I am a criminal then an FIR should be filed. I am not a VIP here and I did not make any calls, I will spend the night in the station like an ordinary citizen and show the world how an ordinary Karachiite is treated. I refuse to leave the premises till I know my crime.”

He questions why the VIPs of the city continue to think that refusal to follow personal protocol is a crime big enough to mandate an unwarranted arrest. The police went so far as to withhold responsibility and claimed Nasir met them at the police station willingly and was not dragged against his will. Upon this insinuation, Nasir pleaded the media to acquire CCTV footage of the area as evidence.

He claimed that if is proven a liar he would pull himself out of the 2018 elections.

Several supporters have taken to social media to voice their support and question not just police brutality but the long standing VIP culture of the country.

Nasir’s audacious statements have met with a lot of support. They make one think of the ease with which one is mistreated as long as they are a commoner. The police’s willingness to free him upon learning his identity is a clear sign that as long as you are one with power, all is forgiven and forgone.

Nasir’s adamant request to be treated as a commoner shows his sincerity towards the people of his country.


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