Last Sunday, Sheikh Rasheed pulled off another stunt in Lal Haveli

The Awaami Muslim League party president, also known as the party that is always running with the tide, was seen wheeling his way through the Lal Haveli during a PTI jalsa to keep the audience entertained. Inside sources have told ProperGaanda that the wheelie was planned specifically for when the PTI announced their manifesto – their number one priority is creating 200 jobs per hour.

The stunt, however, didn’t have the ending Mr. Sheikh desired – or did it? One can never tell, and as the Sheikh puts it, “I am a curiosity arousing cat”. The authorities were forced to take action causing Mr. Sheikh to fall off the bike during the skirmish – hurting only his Pindi boy pride. The Sheikh, in high spirits, got up as soon as he fell and immediately made the victory sign for the shopkeepers and the jalsa goers, while donning a cigar. Later, the Sheikh returned home on a rickshaw, easily escaping through the slippery grasp of the authorities.

The PTI, has announced Sheikh Rasheed as the Entertainment Minister if they win the election, commented that they will work towards a Naya Pakistan, where patwaris don’t stop people from embracing their inner Pindi boys. Moreover, the overzealous PTI millennials have launched a Facebook campaign calling to let Mr. Sheikh Rasheed #WheelAwayFreely. The Sheikh who is considered the original Pindi boy, has garnered a lot of support from Pindi bike owners.

“THIS IS PINDI”, snapchatted one boy from Pindi while posing with his bike.

When we asked the former premier Nawaz Sharif for a comment, he held our reporter’s hand and said, “Baat yeh nahi hai, pehle iska jawaab dein ke MUJHE KYUN NIKALA?!”

(Running with the tide def. basically a lota)


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