Over recent years, as awareness about the gluten free lifestyle has increased many restaurants and cafes have modified their menus to cater for individuals with dietary restrictions and we couldn’t be happier! While options still remain narrow, we’re glad that we can get a few select favourites from Lahore’s most notable eateries.

Whether you have Celiac Disease or prefer a gluten free diet, we’ve got you covered!

Here are our top 7 picks*:

1. Mocca Coffee


Everybody’s favourite coffee joint and unofficial co-working space has macaroons that are a god send for individuals looking for something sweet and gluten free (GF). They offer a variety of flavours, all in scrumptious pops of colour. Our favourite is their Chocolate Hazelnut Macaroon.

Have a GF friend who’s birthday is coming up? Ditch the cake (that they can’t eat) and get them a bunch of macaroons!

2. Fuchsia Kitchen


Located in the heart of Gulberg, Fuchsia Kitchen is a modern asian restaurant with a fine dining experience like no other. For those of us with a craving for good Thai food, their Pad Thai noodles with prawn, bean curd, egg and bean sprouts are comparable to that of NY Midtown’s Room Service – they’re that good!

Side note: We also recommend their sticky beef!

3. The Delicatessen by Cosa Nostra



Even if you aren’t GF, this spot is probably amongst your top 5 picks. For the complete GF experience, start with their tangy tomato soup, following it up with a main serving of their blackened steak salad. Polish off your meal with a slice of their GF almond cake paired with a scoop of Nutella ice-cream (and another scoop of vanilla ice-cream just because).

4. McDonalds


Even though our favourite fast food chain doesn’t offer any gluten free burgers as yet, there are still a few golden items to pick from. For the ultimate food coma order two large fries, a chocolate sundae with extra topping and one large chocolate shake.

5. KFC



Tired of hearing everybody rave about the Zinger, Mighty Zinger and all the other varieties of the burger that is highly addictive? Try KFC’s Rice and Spice. It’s a complete meal and you always have the option of adding more hot shots on top.

6. Espresso



Located in the sweet spot between MOCCA and The Delicatessen in Mall One, Espresso has the meanest Tex-Mex Fries served with a variety of sauces and topped with just the right amount of cheese.

7. YUM



There is no denying that Lahoris and Desis in general love Chinese food. And the good thing is that most gravies are GF. So say yes to all the manchurian and egg fried rice. Say no to the noodles though.

Being GF doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the best that Lahore’s cafes have to offer. Comment below and let us know your go to joint for a GF meal!

*Disclaimer: Always check with the chef of the establishment to make sure what you’re ordering is a 100% gluten-free.


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