Elections are just around the corner. The days preceding the 25th of the July are tensing up. Almost every day brings news regarding disqualifications. The recent judgment by the accountability court has rendered Mariyam Nawaz Sharif ineligible to compete. With this development, PML-N seems to be floating in dangerous waters as she was previously leading the campaign. With both Nawaz and daughter facing jail time, the weight is on Shahbaz’s shoulders who seems to be barely holding it. On the other hand, PTI’s chairman Imran khan has also been facing backlash because of hasty decisions regarding party tickets. All party leaders seem to be on edge. Elections tend to do that. The nervousness, however, is causing careless behaviors from the competitors. All these factors are confusing the voter deeply. A confused voter is very dangerous as it can be a precursor of low turn up on the day of the election.

A lot of you must be eligible voters, but you might be planning to not vote because of all the confusion. You may not be confused at all, but still reluctant to vote because you think that none of the people are worth your vote. Your vote, however, is worth casting no matter how much the confusion or how bad the options are.

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Here are three reasons for why it is so important to vote in elections of 2018.

1) It is the only way to and away from change 

You must be fed up of the cliched lines like ”Vote for change” “Vote for your brighter future” “Vote for a new country” by now. However, cliches are often grounded in truth. If you do not like the current system, vote. So that the same system does not come into power during these elections. The system that takes its place might not be ideal, but it will at least be different. You will be contributing to bringing about the change that you want. If you like the current system,vote so that the system stays in its place. The same system will sustain and you will move away from the undesirable change.

2) Democracy will prosper

Democracy will flourish? WHAT? You might not find this reason attractive if you are a fan of the dictators from the armed forces. Here is a newsflash: no matter how much you respect the strategies of dictators, democracy is a much more respected system that has been in place for hundreds of years. Democracy sets the people free. All the things that you enjoy like the right to protest, which we certainly use a lot, is a gift of democracy. Dictatorships kill the intellectual growth of society. They chain the thoughts and are known to entrap the whole countries in time capsules. Pakistan has faced so much dictatorship that we have forgotten how the fresh air of democratic independence feels like. A high voter turn-up in the upcoming elections will result in a strongly elected democratic government. A strongly elected government means political stability. Political stability means low chances of takeovers by Generals. So, vote for the victory of democracy

dictators of Pakistan
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3) Voting this election means you get to do it the next time too.

Yes, you read it right. If you are not feeling like voting in the elections of 2018, there is a high chance there will not be the next time in the near future. The fanboys or gals might not like it but democracy is here to save the day again. If all of you decide to vote this time, you will be helping to stabilize the political system in Pakistan. As I said earlier, political stability means no Generals. Here is the catch though, no Generals mean that the next elections will be right on schedule. If you all do the opposite thing, there is a chance a General might crash the party and then all of you can forget about voting for I don’t know how many years. So, if you do not like any candidate this time, just vote for someone slightly better. This way next time, when there is a better candidate, there will be a chance to vote.


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