It is the third day following the Avenfield verdict. Imran Khan and his fans are riding an endless endorphin high. A strange aura of unreality interspersed with vibrating jubilance permeates the air.

It is Sunday, and families prepare for a relaxing, food-filled day. But today PTI supporters do not care about the sanctity of the one holiday everyone gets each week. PTI enthusiasts spend their day exactly as they always do: in sheer, blind devotion.

Waking up, they grab the miniature green and red flag lying on their bedside and kiss it. The very next thing they have to think about is, ‘how obscenely insulting can I get with my tweets today?’

For a PTI supporter, life is now equivalent to nirvana. The mortal enemy that is Nawaz Sharif has been (at least for the moment) destroyed. There is nothing much left to work towards.


For a PTI supporter, all obstacles are now obsolete. Shehbaz Sharif and the PPP do not exist in their minds. Pointing out that Imran Khan does have competition for the seat of PM would not register with them. If it was left up to them, they would hunt down Imran to anoint him.

PTI supporters be like


Moreover, these are the Whatsapp Gurus. They are the ones who sent smug texts this Friday to everyone on their contact list, like the one that said: ‘Breaking news. Kulsoom revived… Nawaz on ventilator.’

Furthermore, now PTI has to gear up for elections. This means costumes. In the evening, a PTI family sits down to discuss threads and styles. This time PTI supporters will probably up the ante. They will want there to be no doubt as to how fanatically happy they are about finally being rid of Nawaz Sharif.


PTI-ites (Insafians?) will go to bed happy. They have a hundred and fifty tweets under their belt. They screamed at PTI rallies on television all day. They sent the quintessential Mubarak texts and uploaded statuses for all to see. Politics in Pakistan is, as you can probably surmise for yourself, obliviously progressing along its usual smooth downhill course.

*Feature Image Credits: Raheem/Pakistan Today*



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