Jibran Nasir was born on February 10th 1987 in Karachi. At age 31 he is an activist, an advocate and has made a decent name for himself as a blogger. However, in 2018 he is an independent candidate running the elections without any affiliation with a political party. He is the representative of a more accepting, liberal and active society that entails the catering of rights that are allocated to an “aam admi.”

Since he has stepped into the political world, he has been accused of blasphemy and is on the hit list of some of the most prominent religiously driven political parties of the country.

However, despite the above, Nasir has been able to make a humble name for himself. Only recently, he made headlines after being arrested for refusing the protocol of a judge’s convoy. Nasir managed to videotape his abduction. Once the authorities learned of his identity and wished to free him, he refused to leave and demanded he be treated as someone with no strong backing. Needless to say, this won him a lot of positive votes from the community.

However, soon after the entire episode, Nasir released the song for his campaign called ‘Hum mein se aik.’

The video centers on the realization that Nasir is indeed a regular citizen and wishes to change the circumstances of people like him.

His video is more than just a campaign as it includes some of the biggest names from the media industry declaring solidarity for his cause and showing support. It features the likes of Sheema Kermani, Kami, Sanam Saeed, Bushra Ansari, Sarmad Khoosat, Osman Khalid Butt, Anushay, Faiza Saleem, Mira Hashmi, Omair Rana, and many others.

The anthem addresses the struggles of the common man. It is intended to highlight the injustices of current political appointees. It also stresses on self-acclaimed governance by someone from among the masses.

The track is sung by Arieb Azhar, Natasha Beyg, Ahsan Bari, Ali Safeer, and Shahram.

Several have claimed the video to be timed rather perfectly in regards to Nasir’s arrest just a few days ago. Several are now questioning his intentions calling him a fraud and claiming that the entire debacle was staged to gain popular votes.

Since then, Nasir has also arranged several sit-ins in Karachi voicing his solidarity with the existing community in Karachi, regardless of sects.

Despite the above, Nasir seems to be gaining popularity. His political approach demonstrates inclusivity and a breakdown of all the things that have made Karachi a very difficult place to live over the past several years.
He has demonstrated acceptance and tolerance in the face of religious discrimination. These are all the reasons why Nasir has become a prominent independent electoral candidate in Karachi. He has also garnered a lot of support from people living in Islamabad and Lahore.

All his supporters wish him all the best, hoping that he continues to believe and show that he has one intention and that he truly is, one of them.


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