An ex-prime minister and his daughter who have been sentenced to ten and seven years’ imprisonment, respectively, on corruption charges. They think they deserve better treatment than the middle and lower class prisoners who have been sent to the Ordinary class jail under their rule.

These prisoners were given inadequate facilities. About a hundred of them were crammed into one room with no space to sleep or sit. The conditions of the bathrooms were horrifying, which were shared among all of them. The prisoners’ relatives were not allowed to meet them unless they paid the guards. There was no cold water, or no water at all for days in a row. Most of them were sexually and physically harassed either by the guards or the other prisoners, and no one did anything. Administration of these prisons under Nawaz’s rule seemed to be satisfied with these conditions while the prisoners cried.

Meanwhile, in the Better class jails, prisoners may have limited facilities but they have their personal room, where they are entitled to books and newspapers, a 21-inch television, a table, a chair, a mattress, personal bedding, clothing, and food. The prisoners have to pay for all this themselves which isn’t really hard for all the ‘high-class prisoners’ imprisoned there.

So why do these elitist deserve the better class jails? Is it because Nawaz Sharif was a former parliamentarian even though he abused his power for his own monetary gain? And Maryam Nawaz can be ‘granted’ this facility if she proves she has paid Rs. 600,000 at least in annual taxes, a feat that shouldn’t be difficult taking into account the Nawaz family’s extensive properties and businesses.

“Other than the facilities provided to them under the the Prisons Rule, they would be ensured adequate security where ever the Sharif family members are kept. As they are high profile prisoners,” said an official.

Do you think this is fair?

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