While Imran Khan is all set to take Lahore by storm, another Khan has cooked up a different kind of tsunami some several thousand miles away. Merely hours ago, Reham Khan’s much anticipated and allegedly highly controversial self-titled book was recently released and then ‘leaked’ online. Needless to say, several people haven’t only already read the 365 pages but have also shared them across several social media platforms.

Imran Khan and Reham Khan were married for a brief period of 10 months in 2015

Reham Khan’s book has spurred quite a lot of attention since excerpts were leaked a month ago. Hamza Ali Abbasi, staying true to form not only shared the excerpts but went on to National Television to discuss their ludicrous nature.

This sparked a very interesting Twitter battle between Reham and Abbasi where both parties claimed to be the victim receiving threats from the other.

The book is available online for a very menial $9 and the PDF has been floating around too. Several individuals have pointed out that the book may be a fake. This allegation is based on the fact that the original is meant to have 500 pages whereas the PDF only has 365. Nonetheless, that hasn’t stopped anyone from downloading and reading the purported tell-all book.

The publication does not only claim to provide thorough insights to Imran Khan’s personal life and relationships, it also comments on his sons, his sisters and uses obscene language. Amongst calling Imran a cocaine addict, possibly gay and promiscuous, Reham Khan claims to have left no stone unturned in revealing her ex-husband’s “true” character.
It also reads like a personal love letter to the Sharif family while dismissing all possible characteristic credibility to every other Pakistani politician.

The likes of Wasim Akram, Hamza Ali Abbasi and Jemima Khan have all vowed to sue Reham if the contents are proven to be personalized and belligerent.

The hashtag #RehamKhanAutobiography has been trending on the internet and this is what the people have to say:

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