‘Khan Saab’ has been screaming ‘Naya Pakistan’ on television as far back as we can remember, has he not? Has it borne fruit? Maybe it’s time we take a look at what’s so brand spanking new about this Naya Pakistan.

1) Blast from the Past

Guess who’s back (kind of)

Remember those good ol’ blasphemy laws Zia was so fond of? Well, Khan likes them too. Can we safely assume then that he has no problem with mob violence and repression of minorities?

2) Rewriting Black Lists?

Unless you know a friend of a friend?

Naya Pakistan isn’t all that fair and objective. Imran Khan’s friend Zulfi Bukhari was placed on the blacklist by the interior ministry (NAB had apparently just requested for him to be put on the no-fly list). But when he showed up at the airport with Imran Khan and family in tow, prepared for Umrah, he was sent merrily on his way.

3) Mixed Company

Apparently, Naya Pakistan is not done negotiating with shady characters. (Khan does look a bit shaken to his credit)

PTI recently banded up with Sunni Tehreek. The latter is labeled a terrorist organization by most. A case of strategizing gone majorly wrong or a purposefully dense move?

4) No Switchin’ Sides Last Minute

Loyalty, loyalty, loyalty

Out with the old, in with the new! Imran Khan has recently been flirting with the elite, traditional side of politics. PTI now wants some seasoned turncoats for itself. Wasn’t Naya Pakistan all about integrity?

5) My Turn to Shine

It stings.

It must be really hard to resist the lure of a jet and VIP protocol. The fact that you’ve been roasting someone else for hoity-toity stuff like this for the past five years though? That should have been sufficient motivation to avoid it.

6) Women Lose – Again

He clearly likes women. A lot. So what’s the problem? Try a little harder?

In 2006, Khan opposed the Women’s Protection Bill. In 2016, the PTI amended a lot of laws in KP. But the only one that was sent for ‘approval’ by the Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) was – you guessed it – the women’s protection bill! The CII basically said no.

7) My Friends, the Manekas

Is this about spirituality or emotional angst? People are confused.

Couldn’t this have waited until after elections? Don’t get sidetracked yet again please (if that’s what’s happening here).

Let’s face it, it’s a crucial time for Imran Khan. He will make mistakes. But hopefully, he doesn’t make any that are too big to ignore – we all want our ‘Naya Pakistan’.








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