NA-125 is one of the most crucial and decisive constituencies of Pakistan. It is that very seat which will decide the fate of Lahore’s enthronement. Dr. Yasmeen Rashid or Waheed Alam Khan, who is going to secure this crucial seat?

Dr. Yasmeen Rashid.

Political Party: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf

Highest Office Held: General Secretary PTI Punjab

Things You Need to Know:

A doctor by profession, Dr. Rashid has served in the health sector on several government posts. Her entry into politics, however, is relatively recent as she joined the PTI in 2010. Her presence in politics is marked by the by-election polls of 2017, in particular. When Nawaz Sharif was disqualified, the seat for NA-120 fell vacant. But, as blind political support goes in Pakistan, Dr.Rashid stood defeated to an ailing Kulsoom Nawaz. Nawaz’s wife won the seat, which was campaigned for by her daughter Maryam.

In relation to her mandate, she is a vocal supporter of PTI’s policies. In particular, she believes that the public is more mobilized in demanding basic rights such as health and education. Dr.Rashid hopes that PTI will incur the favor of the masses since the party is focused on tackling such issues from the ground up. Of late, she has also stressed upon the need to combat election rigging and as such holds accountable the interim government to ensure a smooth process.

Waheed Alam Khan

NA-125 Waheed Alam

Political Party: Pakistan Muslim League

Highest Office Held: Member of the National Assembly

Things You Need to Know: 

Waheed Alam Khan is one of the oldest and most active political workers of PML-N. In the 2013 elections, he was elected as a member of the National Assembly under NA-127’s constituency. He also served as the member of anti-narcotics department and Director BOD LESCO.

Being the resident of NA-125’s constituency, Waheed is very well aware of the political dynamics of this constituency and that became a reason for awarding him a ticket from here. However, the people aren’t exactly happy with the infrastructural problems cropping up in his jurisdiction. The recent flooding in Lahore has led to broken roads and a lot of nuisance for residents.

Who has a greater chance?

This constituency’s areas are divided in a way that both political parties have support in specific areas. In certain areas, PML-N is strong and on the other hand, there are also some populated areas where PTI can grab a huge number of votes. Both leaders are campaigning door to door. However, given the recent show of Nawaz and Maryam’s homecoming, quite a lot of PML-N supporters are more staunchly standing by the party in sympathy. Moreover, reclaiming what was once  Kulsoom Nawaz’s seat is probably now more difficult than ever with the recent emotional images circulating the web. So, PML-N might just win this seat again.

May the best candidate win! 

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