Nawaz Sharif and daughter Maryam Nawaz were affirmatively arrested a few hours ago at Islamabad Airport. Amidst great political tension and speculations, the emotional vulnerabilities of a father, daughter, and their entire family were publicly thrashed.

Accountability is of paramount importance and justice must be served, however, putting forth a dirty narrative at a family’s expense is deplorable. The Sharif family has been called out for floating pictures of an emotional departure from London. Images of Kulsoom Nawaz have also been circulated, speculating how her ‘health card’ is being used to gain public sympathies.

Many are even lamenting Junaid Safdar’s behavior in London, calling into question his upbringing.

Let this be repeated time and again: Junaid Safdar is not a politician. The video circulating on social media has shown a brawl between PTI workers and Junaid Safdar right after Maryam and Nawaz left for Pakistan. While Junaid is certainly guilty of assault, the video also clearly depicts physical assault by the protesters as well.

Nawaz and Maryam have been sentenced by the court. They have been arrested and justice has surely been served till now in accordance with the tenets of the law.  However, the emerging trend of mixing the personal with politics in Pakistan has reached an all-time low today. Speculating over Imran Khan’s marital life or questioning the legitimacy of tears shed by the Sharif family isn’t politics. It’s a feeble show of how little our youth is concerned with real policies and mandates. Recent events further highlight how politically illiterate and content we are in this state of name calling and violent political support.

Disclaimer: The views represented in this article are of the author alone and do not in any way represent the views of ProperGaanda. 


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