Today, another blow to humanity was served as elitism took the life of an innocent premature baby. A Facebook user, Sheheryar Sheikh revealed the following harrowing incident that took place a day ago:

Shabbir Ahmed and wife Sughra Ahmed

So let’s unpack the incident:

  • A lower class couple seeks medical assistance from someone who has vowed to save lives.
  • They are denied basic assistance because the elitist Dr. Uneza could not be bothered with the cook Shabbir and his wife Sughra.
  • A baby is born on the premises of Uneza’s clinic. Born, not stillborn.
  • Uneza, crossing all limits of inhumanity again refuses to treat a breathing baby and a mother who has just given birth.
  • The baby is eventually transferred to Benazir Hospital, where he dies after going through two other hospitals and being denied treatment.

This incident has everyone shook as to sheer lack of humanity exhibited by Dr. Uneza. Some are pointing out that according to her notepad, she isn’t even qualified to practice as a Gynaecologist. And while it is difficult to wrap our heads around how someone can possibly be so heartless, it is glaringly obvious that the doctor wasn’t even in the confines of the law in her behavior.

Moreover, this incident is yet another case of the dichotomy between private and government healthcare. PIMS did not even have an incubator to attend to the premie. So, while private clinics and Dr. Uneza’s elitist tendencies are to blame for what happened, the nail in the coffin is the lack of attention paid by our public servants (i.e. the government). Humanity is lacking in the private sphere, whereas funds and attention are the problems in the public health system.

According to an update by Sheheryar, he has spoken to a lawyer who is willing to offer pro-bono services to handle a case against Dr. Uneza. Our job as the public is to create enough ruckus to bring to justice the criminally negligent doctor. We are entering a new phase of accountability in this country as those looting and robbing the nation are put behind bars. But the demand for accountability must pervade all levels of society and against all evils.

Spread the news. Create enough noise so that the perpetrator is put behind bars. Let this unfortunate incident serve as a starting point to ask our “lawmakers” when the lives of those from all levels of society will be treated the same.



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