With elections around the corner, the streets of Pakistan have been decked up like a groom wearing colored flags and the speakers are blasting political party anthems through the streets countrywide. In all the noise of the nitty-gritty details about conspiracies, controversies, and candidate antagonisms, it is easy to lose our nerves and get anxious. So here are some lighthearted reasons that will only make the duty to vote more appealing on July 25.

Why Should We Go Vote?

Yes, we understand this is an overused question but the fun fact remains that people still won’t be convinced to vote if they have already decided in their heads. So, here we go again. Voting is a democratic right, fought long and hard for by our fellow citizens. Moreover, elections cost a lot, the money used is from the taxes we pay so how can we let our money go waste by not going to vote. If that doesn’t convince you, here are some lesser discussed perks.

If you are a first-time voter you should go and vote as it gives you the “unofficial certificate” of being an adult. Probably the first time you can make your own choice, which will perhaps impact the future course of politics in the country.

When you leave the polling station after voting, you aren’t just walking back to a boring existence. You are walking out with a golden ticket for the day, which is the nonerasable ink on your thumb that gives you bragging rights for fulfilling your civic duty. It also gives you that edge over your non-voter friends on social media and you also get major discounts and freebies in restaurants, which you won’t want to miss at any cost. Who doesn’t love a good mufta?   

What’s more is, you might have always dreamed on making your appearance on national television, so this might be your chance because when you leave the polling station media will be out there to greet you and you could make your star appearance.

You also have the chance to up your Instagram and Snapchat game.  There is always a chance of drama happening at polling stations, which could make your stories more interesting and also get you some extra followers. Not a bad deal, eh?

If you have decided to vote now, go on to read some details of suitable election day behavior.

Here Are the Do’s and Don’ts of a Polling Station.

Try to be on your best behavior and avoid getting into any political discussions or fights because chances are someone from the mohalla is keeping a keen eye on how you behave in public. Also, remember to carry your original CNIC, or else you won’t be able to vote and will have snarky remarks made at you about you being forgetful. You will be taunted until next elections by your friends and family as well. And 5 years is a long time to hear the same taunt over and over. On a serious note, make sure to know your polling station forehand by sending your CNIC number to 8300. This will also be helpful in strategically planning your pre-voting and post-voting hangout plans.

Make sure to reach the polling station early so you can leave as soon as possible to avail maximum discounts and not waste this holiday by standing in queues.

Don’t wear anything which gives of what party you are supporting. In case your party does not win, you will have to hear society’s taunts about you being unlucky and on the wrong side of things.

Avoid singing your party’s song at the venue as it gets people to dance and you to spend the night in a lockup. After you vote, make sure your ballot ticket is signed by the polling officer so that your vote doesn’t go to waste and also your effort of dragging yourself out of bed isn’t for nothing.

At last, take a picture of your inked thumb and post it on Facebook and for every following July 25th, Facebook will remind you of the great deed you did for your country.

*Feature Image Credit: Kevin Smart/thewalrus*


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