This year’s political season has been cut throat and full of surprises. And tomorrow, on the 25th of July, we will finally know the future of our country. Will Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz, come out victorious even without the leadership of ousted prime minister Nawaz Sharif? Or will Imran Khan finally get to fulfil his dream of making a Naya Pakistan?

The politicians have campaigned, presented their party manifestos and made their promises – now its our job to go out and vote. Every vote counts and every vote must be cast responsibly. There are 106m registered voters in Pakistan, but do we all know HOW to cast our vote?

We’ve compiled a list of 7 simple steps you need to prepare yourself from tomorrow-

1. Do NOT forget to take your National Identity Card

When you enter the polling station, you’ll have to go through the security check. You will not be allowed to take anything inside the polling station other than your trusty I.D. card.

2. The polling officer will tally your name from your I.D. card and cross it out on the voter’s list

Make sure you take your original I.D. card to the polling station, soft copies and photocopies are not accepted.

3. The polling officer will then mark your thumb with permanent ink to indicate that you have voted and cannot vote again

4. Know your ballot papers

The polling officer will give you two ballot papers, white and green, and remove the counter foil from them. The counter foil and back of the ballot papers need to be stamped and signed to make your vote count.

5. VOTE!

Read the ballot paper carefully marking your vote. The green ballot paper is for the National Assembly and the while ballot paper is for the Provincial Assembly. Voters in Islamabad will only have the green ballot paper for the National Assembly.

6. Fold Vertically

Make sure you fold your ballot papers vertically so that the ink does not leave a mark on another candidate’s section. You vote will be void if the ink transfers – which can happen if you fold horizontally.

7. Drop the ballot papers in the respective ballot boxes!

Lastly, make sure you put the green ballot paper in the green box and the white ballot paper in the white box.

Even though efforts are being made to facilitate voters tomorrow, mishaps are sure to happen. So be patient, abide by the law and do your part in helping the authorities out. Stand in the line, be respectful and most importantly don’t forget to VOTE!

Watch episode 2 of Seriously Siyasi – we’ve covered all the basics on voting for you:


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