There have been some truly golden moments in the course of Pakistani politics lately. As we came nearer and nearer to general elections, it seems our politicians found themselves overwhelmed by the pressure. This resulted in a series of truly bizarre screw-ups by some pretty prominent political representatives. Here are 9 times it seems they truly lost it:

1) Imran Khan Says ‘Vote For Sher’

As expected, everyone had a field day with this one, especially PML-N supporters as they taunted PTI enthusiasts. Imran Khan must have been truly over-wrought to have said this in the last elections. However, he tried to cover it up by saying ‘Nai Mein Tou Sher ka Shikari Hun’.

2) PTI’s Naeem-ul-Haq Slaps Daniyal Aziz

This particular interview truly emulated no-holds-barred madness. Daniyal Aziz’s allegations of ‘chor’ must have been upsetting for Haq, that too during a live interview with so many viewers – but up and slapping someone? What’s more, after that Haq just sat there and laughed, which infuriated Aziz further.

3) Khawaja Asif Calls Firdous Ashiq Awan A ‘Dumper’

Naturally, this astounded the public. What could possess such a well-known politician to say something so absurd? But the most notable reaction was that of Ashiq Awan herself – she claimed Asif’s statement was the manifestation of his ‘psychological derangements’ and in fact his apparent depression. After all, something so ludicrous can only be explained away by something equally absurd.

4) Speaker Ayaz Sadiq and Shireen Mazari Flirt During NA Proceedings?

Assembly proceedings had never been quite so light-hearted as when Shireen Mazari called the Speaker ‘Yaar’ twice in front of the entire crowd of representatives. This was followed by banter between him and Mazari, with Sadiq telling her not to call him Yaar – ‘not in front of everyone at least, but perhaps otherwise yes’.

5) PML-N MNA and The Push-Ups Controversy

‘What message are Misbah and other players giving to the world by doing push-ups?’ This was MNA Rana Mohammad Afzal’s very concerned query. Poor Misbah was driven to defend the post-victory tradition, saying it was done in honor of Pakistan Army trainers. But the real question is this – what does it matter?

6) PTI Sets Out On Cartoon-Banning Agenda?

PTI legislator Malik Taimoor Masood’s ‘Ban Doraemon’ directive inspired quite a lot of trolling, as evidenced by the above tweet. And for good reason – unless it’s an effort to expose the possible corrupt underbelly of the Japanese cartoon industry?

7) ‘Look Into My Eyes and Smile’

During a tense assembly session, Shah Mehmood Qureshi tried to break the ice by teasing PML-N representatives on the other side. The phrase ‘look into my eyes and smile’, however, is probably the last thing anyone would expect to hear at a national assembly session – coupled with Qureshi’s impish smile, it becomes downright disturbing to witness. Clearly, our politicians have no filter.

8) ‘Someone Make This Tractor Trolley Keep Quiet’

Khawaja Asif strikes again – this time he attacked Shireen Mazari. We all understand the rivalry, but what an inexcusably rude statement to make. Do our politicians even think before they speak?

9) Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam Leader Calls Sindh ‘Kafiristan’

So concerned was Maulana Samiul Haq over the Protection of Minorities Bill that he tried to get witty – not realizing the extreme exaggeration behind the claim he made. Leave it to politicians to make mountains when there isn’t even a molehill to work with.

Pakistani politicians really need to calm down. Maybe once elections are done with, they’ll stop lashing out  – but probably not. Nonetheless, we really need to take a step back and take some of the passion out of our politics.



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