On a surface level, Khan and Baratheon don’t have a whole lot in common. Khan is loud, expressive, animated – Baratheon acts like he’s charged a price if he acts cheerful. But there are some things about both that are startlingly (and often hilariously) similar. Here are 5 reasons this is so:

1) Zero Tact

Both have no verbal filter. Imran Khan doesn’t pull any punches either; he went so far as to create a slogan to basically tell Nawaz Sharif to get the hell out:

2) Self-Assurance Levels: Max

Neither have any qualms about asserting their leadership. They will drill it into people’s heads; the alternative is someone else becomes the leader and that is just not an option.

3) Like Dogs With a Bone

If one wants to know the real meaning of resilience, one need not look farther than these two.

Granted, Khan hasn’t gone to such extremes. But he did live in a container for about a month, in the blistering heat, shouting his lungs out at jalsas: “I won’t rest until I’ve dethroned them”.

And he didn’t leave – he even proposed inside the container.

4) Show No Mercy

Twinges of doubt and regret are alien to Khan and the younger Baratheon. Stannis is stone-cold, as all GOT fans well know.

Similarly, Imran Khan, once he saw his long-standing rival Nawaz Sharif being arrested and going to jail, did not express an iota of sympathy:

I’m just going to add some fuel to the fire if you don’t mind. Don’t really care you’re being carted off to jail – there are more wars to be won.

5) They Know Best

Both have a vicious streak of self-righteousness. And they won’t stop until they get justice.

Khan’s entire party agenda is based on fighting for justice and bringing down corrupt leadership:

If you really think about it, the similarities are pretty uncanny.

Good luck to Imran Khan for tomorrow’s elections! But if he’s even a little bit as hard-headed and (overly) resilient as Stannis Baratheon – he probably doesn’t need it.




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