The day was full of anxiety on a national scale. People are still stressfully glued to see the results that will seal Pakistan’s fate for the next five years. Amidst all the tensions, complaints, and conspiracy claims, several heartwarming incidents reminded us all why we went out to vote in the first place. Here is a collection of the top five!

1) Citizens Showing Love to Members of the Armed Forces 

While the establishment faces backlash for their alleged interference in the election proceedings, these moments are a reminder that some very patriotic Pakistanis just stood in the heat to protect the citizens. The citizens showing their appreciation for the armed forces was like a restoration of trust between the two parties and quite heartwarming to see.

2) This Voter’s Very Heartfelt Appreciation of Jibran Nasir’s Political Praxis

This lady braving the toils of a polling station is a true symbol of how our elders are fighting hard for the country’s future. Moreover, Jibran’s appreciation of her sincere wishes is a prime example of how a voter-candidate relationship should be.

3) The Hospitality and Generosity of This Adorable Young Pakistani

It is no hidden fact that the people of Pakistan are amongst the most hospitable and generous in the world. The innocence of this action is one that must be celebrated over and over again.

4) The Elderly Showing Up Despite Their Physical Troubles 

Several elderly people were carried by police personnel to carry out their civic duty. Appreciable here is both the respectful behavior of the police constable as well as the determination of the elderly who came out today. They are setting up a precedent for the future generations to be a part of the change they all wish to see.

5) And Finally, these Throngs of People Gaining Political Consciousness in Balochistan

This one is particularly heartwarming because it marks the rising up of a marginalized province. Years of systemic and administrative discrimination have been disadvantageous for the people of Balochistan. They came out to vote despite suffering at a provincial level, which speaks to the resilience and determination of these people.

These five instances were a humble reminder of what makes Pakistan great. It is the interconnectedness of people in the wake of many adversaries that makes us who we are. These interactions should override any political affiliation because they show us all to be Pakistanis first.



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