It has finally happened. Imran Khan, the former Pakistan skipper, alleged womanizer, and the right’s prodigal son has won the elections. There have been many twists and turns, may I dare use the word “U-Turns”, but in the end Khan is victorious.


The elections have been called one of Pakistan’s dirtiest by the international media. An Islamabad High Court judge few days before elections called out the ISI for meddling with judgments as well. But Alas, the elections happened. For better or for worse, a party leader who is a relative newbie in comparison to the dynastic giants; the Sharif’s and the Bhuttos, has won the general elections. He has a big role to play in politically empowering the youth of Pakistan. Indeed all this is commendable and definitely, congratulations are in order to everyone who was supporting the Kaptaan. He has won, no doubt. He is our Prime Minister.

Results delayed. RO offices sealed. Candidates denied access. Counting done in the absence of party reps in imp constituencies. Those on election duty have messed it real bad. This is a tragi-comedy.

— Syed Talat Hussain (@TalatHussain12) July 25, 2018

Naya #Pakistan or gaya Pakistan? #SorryNotSorry

— Mehreen Zahra-Malik (@mehreenzahra) July 26, 2018

But it is now important for the PTI supporters more than ever to carry on with their activism. They must continue to gain positive and unbiased political consciousness. There are tough questions and problems that Khan has to answer and solve in the coming days. Opposition leaders have been arrested, pre-poll rigging has been reported, religious extremism is on the rise, and media is on a tight leash by the establishment. It will be a catastrophic mistake for Khan and his supporters to turn the other cheek to these issues.

The front page of Pakistan Today this morning.

Imran has openly called Pakistan’s biggest problem to be liberals, not extremists.

To appease the ultra-right he has on many occasions touched on the blasphemy law, an already extremely sensitive topic in the land of the pure. He has called his opposition supporters donkeys. He has garnered support from militant right-wing parties. The list of questionable stances is long, on both sides of the spectrum and both sides have mostly valid points. But whatever the ills of this election may be, today when everyone wakes up it’ll be a big moment. Pakistan will have a new prime minister.

Supporters of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) political party celebrate along the road during the general election in Karachi, Pakistan July 25, 2018. REUTERS/Akhtar Soomro

If you’re a PTI supporter today, congratulations to you! You have every right to celebrate. But there is a difference between supporting someone and falling off the cliff for someone, something the “Insaafians” a.k.a fighters of justice need to keep in mind. You can support Imran Khan and hold him accountable at the same time. Yes, it’s possible. And to those who are calling these elections less than ideal, well boo hoo, if you’re looking for the ideal, you’ve come to the wrong place. This isn’t the worst thing that has happened to Pakistan nor is it ideal but what I do know is that Imran Khan is also your Prime Minister. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be critical but it is also your job to be objective in your criticism. This is the second time in the history of Pakistan we’ll be seeing a successful democratic transition. It is a change, albeit the problems, but a change nonetheless.

Give the man a chance. Support him where he delivers, get on the streets if he doesn’t. After all, it is Khan’s favorite method of accountability.  But for now, good morning Pakistan, rise and shine, you have a new Prime Minister. 


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