Imran Khan’s PTI has won the General Elections and now the Prime Minister of Pakistan. Khan’s victory speech has struck a chord with the people of Pakistan and even cynics are appreciating the words in it.

1) One of the First Things He Mentioned was Balochistan

He appreciated how people still came out to vote despite the chaos and fear created by multiple attacks and violent scuffles. For a state head to mention a marginalized people as the first order of things is quite refreshing to see.

“The way people came out to vote has strengthened our democracy.”

PTI supporters and workers are openly expressing their excitement and zeal on social media.

2) Creating a Healthy Pakistan

Imran Khan says opportunity will be handed out to those who don’t have it. He mentioned how 35% of Pakistan’s children have been deprived of good nutrition and health facilities, and that this needs to be changed. Furthermore, the ‘1.5 crore’ children who do not go to school will also be facilitated. Not only that, but Khan realizes that Pakistan has one of the highest rates of water-borne diseases in the world – and Khan means to change that as well.

Prominent PTI member congratulates Khan

3) Strengthening the State and Remaining United

“State institutions will be so strong they will keep a check on the government, on me, and on my ministers. Accountability will be for everyone – not just for the opposition.”

He has also stressed upon the importance of remaining united, saying he will put all personal attacks during the last three years behind him – there will be no ‘political victimization’ geared towards opposition parties as has been seen in the past. This is incredibly important. Instead of working on maligning PTI, it is important all opposition forces focus their energies on Pakistan alone. All citizens as well must do their part as well. The season for partisan politics is over and should be put behind us.

Politician Jibran Nasir who was running as an independent candidate has also expressed his support.

4) Revamping the Economy

Khan also addressed the economic situation in the country and its downhill progress over the past few years. “The fiscal deficit, the trade deficit, loans, and currency depreciation” – this is all due to ‘dysfunctional institutions’ he says.

Our government, he has said, will bring about ‘ease of business’ and ‘improved governance’. “Overseas Pakistanis are not encouraged to invest in the country due to corruption.”

This will be fixed, and job creation made a priority. Other things Khan claims he will pay close attention to is livelihood of farmers, boosting of businesses, skills education for young workers.

His speech has raised expectations considerably.

5) Protection of Taxes

Khan’s claims relating to this are being heavily lauded by people as an admirable and noble venture. Considering the complaints the public has had during past prime ministers’ tenures and their misuse of tax money, what Khan has said is a big deal for everyone.

“I pledge to protect people’s taxes. I will not live in PM house. All governor houses, resorts will be put to use for the benefit of the people.”

This is a lesson in humility all politicians need to learn. Khan alone will not be able to overturn the effects of VIP culture. His ministers must also follow suit in his example.

6) A More Open Foreign Policy

One of the more controversial statements he has made is this – potentially opening borders to Afghanistan in the future and strengthening relations with the US. There are factions within the country that will no doubt raise an issue with this.

“Facilitate CPEC, learn poverty deviation and anti-corruption measures from China… bring peace to Afghanistan so we can have peace here and eventually have open borders… mutually beneficial relations with the US… better relations with Iran… facilitate reconciliation in the Middle East… have trade ties with India.”

7) Solving the Kashmir Issue Through Dialogue

Khan is facing a lot of backlash for this part of his speech. He has not only suggested pursuing friendlier relations with India through trade, but also a resolution of the long-standing, extremely controversial Kashmir dispute through peaceful discussion between leaders of both countries.

He is suggesting an end to the ‘blame game’ and ‘meeting in the middle’ in order to solve the issue. Already his speech is yielding a positive impact:

Indian politician responds positively to Khan’s suggestions

This is an important lesson in giving preference to human lives above anything else. The constant tensions between the two states have impacted innocent civilians above anything else and it is time someone initiates peaceful dialogue.

While Khan’s attitude towards India is well on its way to becoming the subject of a social media storm, the other pointers discussed in his speech are earning him nothing but admiration and support. His inclination towards the abolishment of ‘VIP culture’ and the uplifting of the poor of Pakistan are policies whose implementation the public is now looking forward to seeing.












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