It is rumored that Imran Khan might be putting an end to politically endorsed sports bodies. And, his first target apparently is Najam Sethi, the current chairman of Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB). Sethi was appointed by Nawaz Sharif but he was allegedly appointed on political grounds, which is a norm Imran Khan wishes to get rid of in Naya Pakistan. According to various news reports, a close aide of Imran Khan, Zulfiqar Bukhari has advised him to make the move.

However, Najam Sethi isn’t just a political appointment who has done nothing for Pakistani cricket. And, although this is not a confirmed report, people are still brewing up a storm over this apparent piece of information.

Here is how people are reacting to the reports that Najam Sethi might be removed as Chairman PCB:

This man pointed out how this decision possibly runs against Khan’s own ideas of keeping things politically peaceful.

Other’s are pointing out Sethi’s contributions to keeping cricket alive in the country

Wondering who is allegedly set to take his place?

This is just speculation still, even though some members of Akram’s family have claimed the news to be true.

Some people had opinions about replacing Sethi with Akram, of course.

While we wait for the news to be confirmed or refuted, what are your views?

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