Hum TV awards this year were held in Toronto on the 28th of July and attended by several prominent TV stars. The show was a success – but it got a lot of negative press, to the point that a petition was proposed to boycott the awards. This was due to the fact that celebrities were accused of wasting their votes; elections happened on the 25th, but a great number of celebs had already jetted off to Canada for early rehearsals and the like.

What with Atif Aslam’s stage performance, and dances by crowd favorites Mahira Khan and Humayun Saeed (not to mention all the fabulous outfits), it was clear the entire affair must have required tons of persistent preparation. 

Hamza Ali Abbasi also attended the awards – in fact he hosted them. However, one thing he made sure to do was to fly out to Toronto only once he had put in his vote on the 25th. He posted selfies on Twitter showing off his marked thumb afterward, and pushed others to go vote as well:

However, perhaps the most interesting thing Abbasi contributed to this whole Hum TV-elections debacle was a short speech he delivered while hosting the award show. 

Here is a clip:

In the video, Abbasi congratulates the crowd on ‘Naya Pakistan’. His political affiliations are crystal clear as he declares he wants to show this clip to ‘Khan Saab’ so he knows just how much Pakistanis in Canada not only love Pakistan but also love him. The crowd’s response to this was unanimously appreciative. However, should Hamza Ali Abbasi really have used this particular moment to express his feelings of victory?

Are the Hum TV awards, watched by so many different people everywhere, an appropriate medium for the promotion of biased political motives?

One thing we can say for sure is that Abbasi’s inclination towards PTI and its leader is truly unparalleled; he pushed all pretenses of entertainment aside at an important creative event being aired everywhere to give a shout-out to his ‘new PM’.

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