PTI’s Jahangir Tareen has been on a much-highlighted quest to urge independent candidates to join the party. The aim behind this was to gain a hold of Punjab, where PML-N currently stands as a majority. Both PML-N and PTI have been on their respective expeditions to earn the favor of independent candidates to join partisan politics. About two days ago, his search led him to secure four MPA’s from Multan. Although disqualified from holding office for life, Tareen still seems to be making efforts for PTI. Social media mavericks could not help but take a jab on this arduous journey undertaken by a Tareen.

A string of memes and tweets were quick to flood the internet:

We imagine the conversations Tareen had with independent candidates to start something like this:

The word independent has somewhat become synonymous with Tareen’s presence in the last 24 hours:

People had some hilarious takes on what the chase looked like:

The following ‘jhappi’ formula certainly worked in Multan:

One thing is for sure, he has shown quite the dedication in this race to win Punjab:



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