From Huawei and Samsung’s race to mass produce a foldable phone to Facebook’s fake accounts dilemma, the tech world is in a frenzy. It’s difficult to stay abreast with all the advancements so here are five exciting and interesting updates from the tech world that you’ll definitely be interested in:

1. Huawei trumps Apple in the second quarter of 2018

In the second quarter of 2018, China-based Huawei has edged out Silicon Valley based Apple by shipping 54.2 million handsets, according to International Data Corporation. Apple on the other hand has shipped out 41.3 million iPhones. Samsung remains on top with shipments of 71.5 million handsets, accounting for 20.9 percent of the global market. This is the first time since 2010 that Apple has not claimed the first two spots in the smartphone market.

2. WhatsApp group video call is here!

WhatsApp group video calls have been a highly anticipated feature; the app has allowed video calling between two participants since 2016. However, with the launch of the newest feature that is now live on apple and android devices, 4 people can partake in a group video call. While the number of participants is limited as compared to Facebook Messenger (allows group video call of 50 people) and Skype (supports 25 people at a time), WhatsApp claims that the calls will work even in poor network conditions and are end to end encrypted. 

3. Archie motion comics come to Spotify

While the younger generation relates Archie and Jughead to the overly dramatised Netflix show Riverdale, more than a few of us have flipped through threadbare second hand copies of Archie Comics. Our favourite music app, Spotify (which sadly still hasn’t officially launched in Pakistan) has partnered up with Nerdist to offer a six episode motion comic with music and voice acting along with the original illustrations. Each episode is 10 minutes long and the auto-play feature makes for a good hands-free experience. 

4. Facebook prioritises personalisation

Facebook is redesigning the navigation on its mobile app to provide users with a more personalised experience. The new design will be based on what services you use the most. With the newer update, every user will see the following three icons: newsfeed, notification, menu icon. The other slots will be utilised for the things you use the most e.g. profile or groups. The navigation bar design will be made available for users in the upcoming weeks. 

5. The TV that makes Netflix better

Sony will be launching new TV models in the middle of summer and they’ll feature the new ‘Netflix Calibrated Mode’ – meaning that you’ll be seeing the image exactly as intended. The company’s new flagship series ‘Master Series’ is designed to replicate the experience from the studio, taking you from the “lens to living room”. The TVs will be available in both OLED and LED and feature the X1 ultimate processor – the most powerful chip Sony has ever put in a TV. The pricing will be announced closer to the launch in fall.

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