While Imran Khan is yet to be officially sworn in as Prime Minister of Pakistan, the rumours coming out of Party (G)HQ are that Khan is thinking of taking Hamza Ali Abassi with him on his first international tour instead of his wife, Bushra Maneka a.k.a Pinki Parni.

Naeem-Ul-Haq, who in recent times is best known to be a man who’s always angry said that while he can’t comment on the authenticity of the news, he can say this won’t be surprising and would be better for Pakistan.

Imran and Hamza on a trip to Nathia Gali, so this international trip won’t be their first outing together

Naeem-Ul-Haq commenting on the rumors also said,

Pinki Parni is a very pious lady, nothing like the b**** Reham Khan was. She’s not interested in meeting international leaders, she’s just interested in Khan and wants to pray for him. This is the dedication of our party.

Naeem Ul Haq angry at someone

When asked if he infact was confirming the rumours, he said we all should just enjoy the blessing that is Naya Pakistan.

Hamza Ali Abassi has refused to directly comment on the situation but said it would be his honour to go with Prime Minister Khan.

Imran and Hamza on an award show together

The actor also stated in a facebook status:

I’m usually going on international tours anyways because of shoots so this shouldn’t be an issue

Imran and Hamza on a wedding together

Twitter has mixed reviews about it but one PTI supporter called it a very good move. An insafian with the username ImmiI<3You tweeted yesterday morning:

Finally Pakistan will be represented by educated and handsome men on a world stage, change has already arrived for those who wish to see it. #AlwaysWithKaptaan #Loveyoutodeath #Saviour #GoodbyeGanjas

Imran Khan will reportedly sworn in on 11th August. Time will tell how far the rumors are true. Let us know what you think about this.


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