Reham Khan, the infamous ex-wife of Pakistan’s newest Prime Minister has been under fire since before the elections. Though the filth being spewed in her direction began soon after her divorce, it has only gotten worse with time. She published an autobiography that allegedly “exposes” Imran Khan.

Since his victory, she has been doing rounds in both Western and Indian media, using all her skill and potential to badmouth her ex.

Only a day ago she was interviewed on CNN by Hannah Vaughan Jones who received a flush of abuses by PTI and Imran Khan supporters. Reham shared her views on Imran Khan’s victory expressing how she is severely ‘unhappy’ for Pakistan because it doesn’t know what’s coming. She reiterated her belief that Khan is liberal in his personal life but incredibly narrow-minded in his views of his wife and his nation.

Hannah Vaughan Jones later exposed that she received a lot of hate online for her interview with Reham.

People questioned Vaughan asking that if CNN desired insight then a far better and much more articulate option would have been Jemima Khan.

This interview with Reham and the many others she has conducted in the past with Indian newscasters just goes to show how eager Khan is to demean, disparage and belittle the new Prime Minister. Her twitter posts continuously question PTI’s actions and are unaccepting to all her ex-husband’s policies and opinions.

In the buzz and excitement of the Pakistani population to get “Naya Pakistan” and a Prime Minister they believe they deserve, Reham Khan’s words have only been received as spiteful.

She has been epitomized as a bitter ex-wife who can and will go to any and every extent to disgrace her ex.


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