25th July 2018 was not less than a roller coaster ride for every Pakistani. One thing was for sure, that every one of us enjoyed every bit of this year’s referendum and it will be a day to remember for years to come. But most importantly, bet you will remember at least one of these voters from elections 2018, who will quite possibly resurface again after five years.

1) The Over Excited Ones

Well, they were not only in every polling station but pretty much everywhere on the streets too. You come out of home and there they are screaming and dancing. With paints on their faces screaming “I, I PTI” or “Dekho Dekho Kon Aya”. 

2) The Future Predictors

A plenty of unqualified astrologers are around every corner in Pakistan. Whether it is guessing cricket match result or Imran Khan’s marriages, they will do it for free. And yes, on election day these voters were as busy as bees. You would have gotten to hear, “Yaar, iss bar Nawaz Punjab se 15 seats jeetay ga” or “likhwa lo mujh se iss bar NA-66 se Imran hi jeetay ga”

3) The Curious Ones

The curious ones would have leeched themselves onto you for the whole day. It’s like they self-assigned themselves to find out who are others voting for. And then this passion changed to know every single detail. They were not only curious for your vote but also for your interests, marriage, siblings, father’s profession, studies, GPA, height, weight, sister’s weight, brother’s weight, uncle’s weight, aunt’s weight, neighbor’s weight, grandfather’s weight who has been dead for 20 years. Yes, everything for them means every little detail.

4) The Hopeless Ones

Nothing could have made them happy. According to them every other ruler is Firaun and we are their slaves. “sab ke sab hi chor hain, sab kursi ki game hai, Imran aa gya tou wo bhi kya kr ly ga…..”. However, a question of why they were even there to vote is unexplainable.

5) The Lost Ones

Some people just came to the polling station as if they had landed on Mars and were surrounded by aliens. In course of confusion they might have taken their votes with them or might put their votes in the wrong box. And the other kind of lost ones are the ‘papa ki paris/ladlas’, who didn’t know who to vote. You heard them say:  “Abu ne kaha tha sher pe stamp lgana” or “sab ghar walay ballay ko vote dy ray tou main bhi ballay ko du gi”

6) The Angry and Hurried Ones

They are the ones who push you in the que to cast their vote first. And if upon waiting couldn’t find their votes, it made their blood boil and they were forced to say “amla hi kamchor hai”. Step back and wait for your turn maybe?

7) The Gossipers

Polling stations were a special place for taking off the lids for few people. Who did what- the soaps of every household were discussed there. For them, a queue of 150 people finished in a stroke and still, their gossiping continued. From Pervez bhai ki lerki ki talaq to Fareeha ka munna every detail must be covered in limited time.

Jokes aside, voting is a big responsibility, and people who took out time from their busy schedule to vote deserve massive respect. Aged and disabled people coming out for the sake of country showed that no matter what differences we have between us but, as a nation we want our country to flourish. Let us pray this election has been fruitful and constructive for our country (Ameen).


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