Zartaj Gul is a member of PTI’s Core Committee. Not only that but she has been a PTI activist since around 2005 when she first joined the party. She has recently won the constituency of NA-191 Dera Ghazi Khan, one of two women from PTI to win a National Assembly seat. Although she was always quite popular owing to her consistency and intelligence, her recent win has further bolstered her image amongst the masses.

1) Defeating Stereotypes

Born in North Waziristan into a culture that quite obviously discriminates between men and women, Zartaj Gul gained a good education and broke free of the shackles of society – and went on to enter politics.

2) Ground-Breaking Victory in DG Khan

DG Khan is traditionally dominated by PML-N’s Sardar Awais Khan Leghari, son of former president Farooq Leghari. The younger Leghari has won this constituency thrice before in elections. This time, however, Zartaj Gul has won out – with a margin of 25,000 votes.

3) Fully Committed to ‘Naya Pakistan’

She has always worked closely with Imran Khan and is an old, staunch supporter of his ideologies. For this reason, people think it is ideal for her to have won the NA seat.

4) Lauded For Her Hard work and Compassion

It is evident that she cares about the people of her constituency. She has worked hard side by side with her husband to communicate to the people of DG Khan that she will take their concerns seriously.

5) Persevered Despite Attacks and Threats

Reportedly, Zartaj Gul had to fight not only conservative mindsets but actual intimidation tactics by her opposition, the Legharis. There were rumours that she has even been physically accosted.

6) Graduated From the National College Of Arts!

Her talent is not just limited to politics. She also possesses grit, creativity, and drive – she left home and came all the way to Lahore to receive a high-quality education. After attending Queen Mary College, she went to NCA for a master’s degree.

7) Essential Member Of the Team

Zartaj Gul is not only a member of the Core Committee, she is also a part of PTI’s Central Executive Council (CEC). Furthermore, she holds the post of Central Deputy Information Secretary. A major part of the responsibility for the party’s politics rests on her shoulders – and more so now that she is an MNA-elect! However, she always attributes her success and learning to Imran Khan, often calling him her mentor.

Zartaj Gul’s defeat of dynastic politics and the conservative clan mindset will probably go down in history. With educated, driven individuals like her who have apparently climbed to the top by merit alone, people are claiming they are confident about a change in the country’s style of governance.