Under the glistening stars and moonlight.

Stand you and me, feeling quite right.

To the tunes of the slow band.

The symphonies that resonate a beautiful art.

Synchronizing with the beat of your golden heart.

To spin under the moonlight is my dream.

I sway you through the wind and then watch you as you gleam.

As the moonlit sky transforms into a blend of a blue day.

We swim across the dance floor as we sway.

Imagine the glisten of the moon shining in the depth of your eyes

Imagine the beauty it will reveal.

Imagine the connection our hearts will feel.

Just wait for the night to come again

The night when the moon is in full form

The night when I am here and you are too.

The night where the floor will call for us

To walk across and set off.

The night where we can finally

Dance in the moonlight.

Feature image credits: paradisepallete.com


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