Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf is all set to welcome Imran Khan as the new Prime Minister; the oath taking ceremony will take place on August 11th 2018.

The news regarding attendees for the highly anticipated official ceremony of the new government was released by Fawad Chaudhry. Much to everyone’s surprise, he revealed that no foreign dignitary has been invited to the ceremony, the main reason being the limited availability of time.

“It has been decided that no foreign personalities will be invited to the ceremony — it will be a completely national event. Only a few close friends of Imran Khan will be invited,” stated Farad Chaudhry.

Falling into this category are cricketers Sunil Gavaskar, Navjot Sidhu and Kapil Dev. The media has reported that the Bollywood actor, Aamir Khan has also been invited but will be unavailable to attend the ceremony. Navjot Sidhu has accepted Khan’s invitation and is anticipated to attend. He also expressed his joy and gratitude, vocalising his hopefulness for a more united future.


“It is a great honour, I accept the invitation. Men of genius are admired, men of power are feared, but men of character are trusted. Khan Sahab is a man of character. He can be trusted. Sportsmen build bridges, break barriers, unite people,” wrote Sidhu.


The ceremony is expected to take place at the President House – Aiwan-e-Sadar. It was made evident by the spokesperson that Khan intends to ensure a sense of nationalism during the ceremony and does not wish to do anything ostentatious.



Earlier, a request was also made on social media by Pakistani actor Gohar Mumtaz that Khan’s ex-wife Jemima Khan also be invited to the ceremony. His expressed his gratitude towards her support through the years and believed that inviting her would also commemorate her history with the country and Imran Khan.

Former President Mamnoon Hussain will also be required to govern the oath of the office to Imran Khan.

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