Kamran Bangash is a 30-year-old doctor with a vociferous urge to be of social service. Bangash was fielded as a candidate for PK-77 in Peshawar; he competed against 14 other members. He stepped into the field knowing that this was once PPP territory and that he would have to face tough competition to emerge victorious. An educated young candidate with a degree in Computer Sciences from the prestigious King Edward College in Peshawar, Bangash, has also recently cleared and qualified his Tehsil Municipal Official Exams in KPK.

Bangash had a regular government job where he served as an officer in Grade 17. However, he opted out of the profession to enroll into politics and later contested for the PK-77 constituency. Bangash claims to have always had an urge to serve the people of Pakistan. With this drive in mind, he joined PTI in 2006 and has been the youngest and highly active member of the party.

He has provided his services to the country and to his political party in various capacities:

1) He headed the social media page of the party for 3 years (2007-2011).

2) In 2009, he also became the Information Secretary in Peshawar representing PTI.

3) In 2009, he organized several medical camps for internally displaced individuals residing in Malakand.

4) In 2010 he became the coordinate for the flood relief drive in Charsadda and took charge of the Imran Khan Foundation.

5) Bangash has also worked with the Cultural Preservation Program in bettering Kalash.

6) Kamran has been an active volunteer working under the wing of the KPK government’s culture department.

7) The same year he was made the coordinator for the Insaf Doctor Forum and stayed in the role till 2012.

8) During this tenure he also became a member of the Insaf Professional forum from the years 2010 to present.

More so, was a dynamic member of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf’s National Youth Council from 2011 to 2013. Because of his experience and incessant desire to serve the greater good of the community, Bangash was also elected as the Town member of Peshawar.

He has contributed to the establishment of new laws and believes in the modernization of the city and the province from a conventional one to a more contemporary one. He strives to ensure Peshawar has a more developed internal and public system of governance. As a candidate, Bangash has always pledged to ensure the improvement of health and education accommodations along with several other sectors. He possesses the aptitude to work towards the expansion of these facilities in his constituency.

Kamran Bangash is the expected KP Education Minister and the Elected Member Provincial Assembly MPA, PK-77; needless to say we are eager to see what this young politician will accomplish in his new role.


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