Sultan Muhammad Khan, also known as Golden, is a Pakistani motorcar and cycle stuntman. He is also a jumping specialist who made a decent name for himself back in the 60’s and 70’s after he performed stunts that included reverse jumping at 150 feet over 15 cars. Golden later set the world record in 1987 when he jumped over 22 cars and covered a distance of up to 250 feet. During the process, he defeated several infamous stuntmen from the US who held the record of 246 feet.

Golden also declared an interest in breaking a record by driving a motorcar in reverse for 800 kilometers in 14 hours.

Golden recently expressed his desire to continue breaking world records and gaining fame. Here is a timeline of his stunts:


Golden jumped over 15 cars and drove through 3 wooden walls that had been set ablaze while wearing a leather jacket and seated on a motorcycle. The same year he passed through a fire belt that went on for 60 feet.


In 1996 Golden set an Asian record while participating in the National Games. He jumped over 15 cars on a motorbike. He was presented with a trophy and a certificate, but his performance did not stop there. He later jumped over another 5 cars while rolling the motorcar and wowed the audience.


Set to break his own personal best, Golden successfully attempted and leaped over 20 cars on a motorcycle. However, during the performance, he met with an accident. He was presented with a trophy by the then President of Pakistan, Zia-ul-Haq.


Golden jumped over 15 cars on a motorcycle in 1989. Mr. Ghulam Ishaq commemorated his performance by presenting him with an award.


He set his car ablaze and used the vehicle to jump over 15 cars during a performance in Lahore. Later he used the same vehicle to jump while overturning above 15 cars. This was the year Golden displayed an act that had never been attempted before, therefore creating stuntman history.


Golden jumped over a distance of 249 feet during an event at Fortress Stadium Lahore. He crossed over 22 cars while doing so and set another world record.


Merely 5 years ago Golden, at age 53 soared over 13 cars in a jeep. This act was demonstrated in Peshawar allowing Golden to set another notable world record, breaking his preceding ones.

Sultan Muhammad Khan Golden can easily be called Pakistan’s renowned star. He has continued to break records and put Pakistan on the roadmap as a brave and daring stuntman.

He desires to continue setting new records and making his country proud.


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