Don’t know if you’ve heard, but here’s what’s been making rounds on social media lately:

It is the video of a painter singing his heart out while he works on walls. The guy named Muhammad Arif, reached the pinnacle of fame today when the news that he would be performing with known artist Aima Baig on her Independence Day show was confirmed. Here’s what Aima Baig herself had to say:

Arif has even given an interview on Geo TV, saying he had no idea the 11-minute video of him singing various songs would actually go this viral. Towards the end, he sang the much-loved ‘Tum Hi Ho’ by Indian musician Arijit Singh as per the interviewers’ request for a song.

There was some widespread appreciation for him on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. But also a little bit of hate. Here are 5 uncharitable thoughts that also probably went through a lot of other people’s minds:

1) Why Him – Why Not Me?

It’s the person in all of us screaming out to be appreciated – perfectly normal to feel a little left out. A little being the keyword.

2) Great – Another Chai Wala 

Let’s all get off our high horses, guys. This is not just another annoying, irrelevant piece of news you have to contend with on your Facebook feed – what’s ‘shit’ for you is a game changer for the other person.

3) What Did We Get Degrees For Then?

Muhammad Arif

Maybe put your personal mid-life crises aside? Oh, and your elitism. Talent doesn’t grow on trees. Who’s to say you wouldn’t be just as obscure and ordinary to the rest of the world sans a professional degree?

4) Anyone Can Sing Like That

I don’t think I need to explain just how ridiculous this one is. In what universe can we all sing as well as that? We all seriously need to reevaluate our generalizations – they can get downright nonsensical sometimes.

5) A Duet With Aima Baig Isn’t Such a Big Deal Anyways

Granted, Aima Baig isn’t exactly one of the biggest names in the industry – but she has accomplished more than an average 20 something-year-old hopes to. She has been on Coke Studio, co-hosted a show on Dunya News, and has been a part of the film Verna, the female lead of which was Mahira Khan. To make one’s debut with her present is a great opportunity for someone like Muhammad Arif who’s only just toed the line.

And finally, here is a video of him singing unlimited hit songs with effortless ease:

Arif really does have an admirable talent – nobody can argue about his ability to carry a tune extraordinarily well. But a more serious question is, just how far can someone like him really get in a society based upon some serious class divides and pre-conceived prejudices? Hoping he can break through these norms. We wish him all the best to take his talent to new heights!




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