Regrettably, PIA has never exactly been a shining example of how an international airline should operate. Quite the contrary in fact – over the past few years, it has often managed to sully its own name through some controversy or the other. The latest development, keeping passengers detained in the plane for more than two hours and then failing to open any doors even in the face of a near-suffocating baby, is a major transgression in a long line of screw-ups.

Here are 7 times PIA showed a shocking lack of regard for basic rules and regulations – and even at times, decency and decorum.

1) Smuggling Heroin – Twice in the Same Month

Yes, you read that right. As if being caught red-handed at Heathrow Airport once wasn’t enough, they had to go and try again that very same month, on the very same flight. If you’re going to break the law, at least try not to be so glaringly transparent?

2) Keeping 7 Passengers Standing During A Flight 

The captain claimed he only found out after the plane was ready for take-off – and by that time ‘saving fuel’ was a legitimate concern, which is apparently why the flight wasn’t immediately redirected back to Karachi. In the meantime, if anything had gone during the flight, those seven extra passengers wouldn’t have had access to oxygen. You go ahead and save fuel PIA.

3) Running Its Very Own Money Laundering Squad

With a warning in the form of a yellow card courtesy of Heathrow Airport authorities already under its belt, PIA crew members then proceeded to get caught on money laundering charges at London airport. Does PIA perhaps make a spectacle of itself on purpose, for reasons unknown?

4) Did the Pilot Think None Would Be the Wiser?

This little sparkling tidbit was all over the news when it happened. One thing’s for sure – the PIA experience is unparalleled when it comes to classiness.

5) Pilot Left Trainee To Fly the Plane – Nap-time is Important After All

Air Blue’s ‘Up and awake’ jab is on point. Naturally, to be able to trust the lives of 300 poor, oblivious passengers to the hands of one man, one would hope that the guy responsible might keep his eyes open during the flight.

6) A Plane Goes Missing – Witchcraft?

No, it does not happen anywhere else in the world – only in Pakistan in the case of PIA. Was it magic? Was it a trick played by bored pilots? How exactly does one go about ‘losing’ a massive, humongous airplane?

7) It’s Their Personal Playground After All


An argument apparently got a little heated during a flight from Lahore to Karachi, resulting in an actual, all-out catfight between two air hostesses. Bye-bye, professionalism.

The recent scandal involving a distraught mother desperate for her baby to get some air is a serious indication that there are glaring loopholes within PIA’s administration, maintenance, and safety sectors – loopholes that are beginning to have concerning repercussions for passengers. Even if we were able to put other ridiculous scandals behind us, this kind of apparent negligence is something that cannot be pushed to the side.








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