The first episode of Coke Studio Season 11 was aired yesterday, with four tracks to offer to the eagerly waiting audience. Revolutionizing the music scene, however, is the track ‘Baalkada’, featuring the vocal powerhouses Naghma and Lucky. It is the first time transgenders have appeared on Coke Studio, or perhaps any such music show of such a large international following.

Baalkada, which the subtitles tell us translates into ‘O Baby Boy’, is an upbeat and groovy song that has introduced to us the pretty unique musical stylings of Naghma and Lucky.

According to Coke Studio’s official description of the song, it is a

A folk tune with a tappa style composition, the track has been contemporized using modern synth and a whimsical bass line. A groove that’s full on funk paired with humorous lyrics, and a catchy hook plays into the success of #Baalkada

The track is to be enjoyed with the video, which shows Naghma and Lucky happily swaying along with the rest of the orchestra:

Baalkada is a great step in normalizing the integration of transgenders in society, with the utmost respect that they deserve. To that end, ProperGaanda had the good fortune of talking to the two stars Naghma and Lucky.

Check out the full interview below! 

The two are beautiful souls and we wish them the greatest of successes going forward! We also hope that their presence in Coke Studio will pave the way for other members of the transgender community to come forward and explore their talents without bias or scrutiny. Naghma and Lucky with Baalkada have just made music history!

Take a bow Ali Hamza, take a bow!  


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