Indian MP, Naramalli Sivaprasad, walked into Parliament wearing an Adolf Hitler Costume yesterday.

The costume was to lodge a protest against what he believes to be Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘broken promises’. This is not the first time Sivaprasad has lodged a protest using a unique avatar. He has previously shown up in parliament dressed up as Guru Satya Sai Baba, Hindu God Rama, and the mythological character Narad. He dressed up to make a striking point, which he believes has a greater effect than mere words. When asked why he dressed up as Hitler, the Telugu Desam Party MP alluded that like Hitler, Modi too often acts unilaterally, without taking into account the welfare of the people. It was attempted to be a move of lasting impact, however, is not sitting well with the people at all. (Source: BBC)

Image Source: Getty Images

It is truly quite cringing worthy that anyone would walk into a public space, let alone the parliament, wearing history’s worst dictator’s costume.

Hitler, responsible for the mass murder of thousands, should be the last person to have his memorabilia flaunted in public so casually. No matter the point Sivaprasad was trying to make. Nazi memorabilia is an unfortunate existence, products of which are still produced worldwide. The very fact that people still agree to print the Swastika on things or even produce Hitler costumes is troubling for the world. It shows that the presence of neo-nazis is a very real and credible threat. Sivaprasad might have tried to lodge discontentment with Modi’s ways, but by choosing Hitler as his choice of attire, he might have been a lot more insensitive to a significant amount of people worldwide. Not everything is an artistic expression Mr. Sivaprasad and we are forced to ask:

Kya Soch Rahay Thay Bhai? 


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