New York: Islamophobia never really finished, but in the words of Kumail Nanjani “it’s really having a moment right now”. While people are protesting and fighting the racists left, right and center, there is a certain group of people who feel they lack representation in people’s hate.

Yes, you heard that right!!

A group of Muslims, belonging to the African heritage, has started a movement against bad stereotypes by racists. The movement which is recognizing itself as Afrikans Against Bad Stereotypes (AABS) was started by Umbeh Umbah, a London native who moved to New York two years ago. The movement claims it demands more representation in every sector.

“We are being isolated from the full muslim experience”

“I am not saying I’m a terrorist but I can be, Hollywood always shows an Arab Terrorist, the white’s only spew racial slurs at Arabs, which automatically isolates us from the full Muslim experience” – Says the 41-year-old short and chubby leader of the movement.

“Many of Taliban and ISIS recruits are from Africa aswell, but nobody ever talks about them and we feel this is not only wrong but unfair. We can be as likely a terrorist as the next guy brother or not. But you don’t know that.” – Umbah further elaborates.

He further clarified that the brotherhood is not fighting to be recognized as terrorists but simply to have the 21st Century Muslim experience in the States.

Islamophibia racism bigotry Muslims

The leader says it all started when he was taking a stroll near the Central Park with an Arab friend when a white guy passed through and shouted at his friend; “GO BACK TO WHERE YOU CAME FROM”. It was truly a traumatizing moment for him, but for Umbah it was a moment of realization. Umbah said why is it that he wasn’t told to go home.

“Just because I’m black?”

For Umbah this was simply a case of not looking Muslim enough for the white man’s racial slurs and “that is just sad” – said the 41-year-old, short and chubby leader of the movement with a somber face.

Twitter has had mixed opinion about the movement. While some have called the movement ridiculous, others have called it a much-needed initiative. Some have also called on people who have tweeted against the movement as one tweet read

“I am sorry but screw with political correctness, anyone whose calling Umba Umba movement ridiculous is a racist and a bigot. We are all humans and deserve our right to practice whatever we want” #WorldPeace


*The tweet is referring to Umbah Umbeh and we assume that Umba Umba was merely a typo

Umbah claims to be a man of the masses and wishes to become the next Black Usain Bolt in the future. Umbah is currently working in the New York Stock Exchange.

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Editor’s note: The feature image used in this article is not of Umbeh Umbah, but just a picture of a random black man found on the internet.



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