PTI supporters may be known for their unmatchable dedication to their leaders and an almost blind sense of following. However, recently they’ve been under fire for all the wrong reasons.

During Nawaz Sharif’s and Maryam Nawaz’s infamous arrest from Lahore airport, their family was harassed outside their apartment in London by a group of alleged PTI supporters. Where the Pakistani population was rooting for the arrest of a politician declared corrupt by the court of law, they were also vocally disapproving of the behavior of the PTI supporters.

Not only did they chant anti-Nawaz slogans, one of them also got into a fist fight with Junaid Safdar and cursed him for being his mother’s son.

Only recently, another one of PTI’s supporters got into a vocal fight with Reham Khan as she prepared for an interview in London with Indian Media. Despite Reham Khan’s book and overall disposition placing her perpetually on the bad side of the Pakistani population, this act forced even the biggest of Reham haters to take her side and commend her for her calm demeanor.

The subject of this constant bullying was once a teenager, Zohair Toru, who took to the streets to support his leader, Imran Khan.

While speaking to television media, he was laughed at and turned into a meme that came up every election year.

Even several television channels such as PK News Tv conducted an extensive interview with him to pass him off as a joke while ridiculing his ‘looks’.

Only recently, Zohair Toru, now a grown man and a lawyer, took to social media to address the adverse effects of bullying that occurs through the likes of Facebook.

In a 3 minute long video, he addressed the impact of ridicule his past self had to face. He concluded graciously by blaming his youth and naivety for the possible silly things he may have vocalized in the past but declared open solidarity with the fact that he stood for what he believed in and will continue to do so in the future. You can watch the full video here:

Where it is commendable for supporters to pledge such determined allegiance towards their respective leaders, it is never alright for either part to subject anyone to such a personal level of bullying or harassment. It is important for us as a population to identify the difference between political and personal support.


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