Although, being a lefty is considered a unique trait presently, it wasn’t associated with much positivity in the old days. Left-handed people were considered evil and unnatural!

But as humanity has evolved with time, so have the perspectives! Lefties have become quite an intriguing subject! SO let’s dive in and count the facts which definitely set lefties apart!

  1. Lefties Are Not Born Every Day!

    Yes! Only 10% of the world population comprises of the left handed anomalies. That is rare, indeed!

  2. The Better Artists.

    Naturally, lefties are more creative. Art, music, design; you name it. They also tend to think more than the righties. And like that wasn’t enough, lefties also happen to have a better 3D perception.

  3. Ambidextrous:

    Since being left-handed wasn’t always considered normal, lefties would be forced to ‘reverse the habit’.
    Result? They never quite lost the habit. Instead, they starting using the right hand too, and ended up learning how to use both hand at the same time – for different tasks. Tsk! (Not fair!)

  4. Will Beat You In Sports.

    Do they naturally come with long limbs? Or are they just too fast?! Whatever the reason, left-handed people make especially good swimmers, fencers, boxers etc.

  5. On The Not-So-Bright Side…

    Migraines? Allergies? Insomnia? Yupp! Best friends with the lefties!

  6. Your Dog Is Left-Pawed!

    You read that correct. Dogs actually have a paw preference. Reach out your hand and 50% of the times, they’ll give you the left paw!

  7. Notebooks Without Rings – The Perfect Gift!

    Have you ever stopped to think how hard a lefty’s life can get?? They can’t hold a regular pair of scissors. They can’t use a tape measure because the numbers will be upside down. AND THEY CAN’T WRITE IN A NOTEBOOK WITHOUT RINGS!!!

    (Now you know what to get your lefty pal on the next birthday!)

  8. The Devil Is Left-Handed.

    Sorry to burst your bubble, lefties! But that is the bitter truth. Most artistic representations of the devil sort of depict him as left-handed…

  9. So Are Murders! (Oops)

    That escalated quickly. But Jack the Ripper, The Boston Strangler, all are rumored to be lefties! (Osama Bin Laden, too!)

  10. Lefties Hear Sounds Differently.

    So, left-handed folks hear slow-changing sounds better than the right-handed folks. Weird!

  11. QWERTY Keyboard – A Lefty’s Cup of Tea.

    A QWERTY keyboard is extremely lefty-friendly! There are 1447 English words that can be solely typed with the left hand while only 187 words can be solely typed by the right.

  12. The Popular Lefties.

    Surprise! Your favorite celebrities made the list!

    Tom Cruise
    Oprah Winfrey
    Barack Obama

    Justin Bieber
  13. Lefties Have Their Own Day!

    That makes lefties a tad bit cooler than the righties, doesn’t it? They get to have their own day in the calendar every year! It doesn’t get cooler than this!


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