August 14. The only date every year in the life of a patriotic Pakistani when green isn’t the color of envy but symbolizes love, passion, and patriotism instead.

As we gear up for celebrations to welcome another year of growth of Pakistan, here is a list of the possible ways you can add to your celebrations!

 1) Host an azaadi dinner for your friends and fam!

Most of us treat our friends and fam on our own birthdays right? Or more like are religiously forced into it? How about we keep up with the ritual for our independence day too? If you can have birthday celebrations, why can’t your country have one? And, honestly, us foodies just need a reason to have food!

2) Say NO to noise pollution

Most of our celebrations either end up on social media networks or turn to a completely different extreme. Lots of firecrackers and all that no? It’s okay to be happy and celebrate your independence day. But it’s not okay to bother another person in the process. A lot of people we don’t notice are noise sensitive and so are animals. Let’s be ethically correct this year? Light up smiles, not firecrackers!

3) Own Everything

When I say this, this is not for you to go propose to your best friend’s girlfriend that you’ve had a crush on for very long. There’s a set of responsibilities we have on us being citizens of the country. Practice hygiene and ownership not just in your own houses but in public spaces. Be more careful when using your public bathrooms, thoughtful when littering public spaces. and vigilant when abiding by traffic rules.

4) Bake Your Love Out

Pour all that love for your country and mix it into your cake batter. Bake muffins, cakes, tea cakes or whatever you prefer to add next to your azaad chai. Don’t forget to ice it in white and green!

5) Make a Difference

Christian community celebrates 14th august

If you’re not aware, the white portion in Pakistan’s flag represents the minorities in the country. It indicates and signifies that minorities i.e. Christians, hindus etc are accepted within the majority of muslims in the country. Although it is not a social norm, even today in 2018, to provide them with equality and love, for once, count everyone in. Let them know they’re just as safe here as any muslim citizen. Wish them! Celebrate with them! Allow them to feel just as Pakistani as you!

7. Google! 

This year for a change, please go google the actual definition Of Independence. Independence by definition means the idea and practice of self-governance.
hence, LIVE AND LET LIVE! Please be entitled to your opinion only and let be to their own. For once, let people wear, eat, breathe the way they want to.
Cutting out on judgements is definitely tougher than cutting out on crap but not that it’s impossible! The person you should want or need to dictate is yourself alone.

8) Visit a National Landmark or Historic Site

Take you’re family or children to visit a museum or a historic landmark so that they can stay in touch with their roots and keep the love for their country growing!

9) Be Part of a Parade

How about being part of the crowd who has the same amount of love for the country as you? Afterall joy is contagious!

10) Appreciate your forces

When you see someone who belongs to the forces, guards or anyone you come across. Make sure to stop and wish them, acknowledge their efforts and appreciate them. I promse it will make their day!

11) Movie Day

Watch a movie or documentary about Pakistan with your friends to have a healthy get together, which is productive plus wakes up the spirit of patriotism in you.

12) Food Drive

Feed the underprividged. There’s a prominent portion of the country that still falls beneath the poverty line. Take care of them. You share the same land.

13) Resolution

If you can make new year resolutions for every new year on January 1, why can’t you make a few on August 14  for your country’s new year? Make a resolution chart for all the ways you can promise to make pakiistan a better place until the next 14th August.

14) Let the Love live On

Please make sure to act upon all the love you claim you have for Pakistan and not just say it.  Actions matter more than intentions, no? And make sure you manage to nourish your love for your country not just today, but everyday after this!


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