14th august is not just a day for Pakistan, it’s a reminder for all of us for all the sacrifices made by two million people. Every year we don’t just celebrate Independence Day, but we commemorate the legacy of the blood dropped by our ancestors. “Pak” for Pakistan is the pure blood absorbed into the soils of our country. Here are 14 pictures of partition 1947 that serve some serious chills regarding all the sacrifices of our ancestors on the day of partition:

They left their homes to give us a homeland. with memories behind, uncertainties ahead, enduring barbarity, but nothing could stop them from their struggle.

They picked up the burden on their shoulders, so we don’t face a burdened life today. Walking bare-footed for days didn’t stumble their steps.

They chose slavery for our liberty. Left behind for torture, oppression and subjugation, yet content in their journey.  

They walked on their loved ones for us to walk with our loved ones. However, theyremained determined.

They fought for us to live peacefully in our own homeland. Sliced into pieces, bodies dumped in garbage but, they didn’t give up, fought till their last breadth.

They led millions of funerals to let us lead our lives. The traumas did not damage their desires. Only desire they had was to see PAKISTAN!

They abandoned their fellows ownerless, all they wanted was to for us to own our land.

They lived through all the adversities for the sake of the future of their children. They ate if they could and stayed unfed most of the times.

They starved their children only for us to be well fed.

They gave their sheds to provide us a safe roof over our heads. Property, business, valuables didn’t mean anything in front of their firm decision for a separate homeland.

They united and faced together every hazard fearlessly, setting us the best examples of unity and velour.

They knew they will face after-effects of this massive devastation but then again, they  compromised with their lifestyle only for our better future.

They compromised their relief to relieve us through the pains of Hindu and Sikh tyrants.

They forgot all their miseries and sufferings for the sake of identity, for their own flag, for their own land.

Can we imagine leaving our beloveds behind, dying on the streets? Can we imagine starving our children for days? Can we imagine walking out of our homes filled with beautiful memories? Can we imagine ourselves caged or even gilded cage? Certainly not. Then how can we celebrate green without remembering red? Let us not only celebrate the day but, repay our forefathers by uniting, loving, and spreading peace.


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