Independence Day fever is running high as usual as Pakistanis gear up to celebrate the birthday of their beloved country. Flag gathering, face painting, getting their playlists ready, assembling green-and-white outfits – Pakistanis really go all out with their celebrations.

But really, how far are they willing to go?

1) The Kiki Challenge Like You’ve Never Seen Before 

This is Eva zu Beck from Poland/England; she travels around the world and creates various related content based on the traditions she observes. Well, this time seems like she’s decided to initiate a tradition of her own in honour of independence day – one we really can’t decide whether we feel good about or not.

2) Independence Day… is Not Actually Independence Day?

Maulana Diesel is not one of those people who give up without a good fight. Clearly, he has decided to try and use 14th August as much to his advantage as possible – it doesn’t matter if the rest of us don’t really fully understand what he’s trying to say.

3) Stooping to New Cringeworthy Levels this 14th August

As always, we Pakistanis and Indians find it impossible to move past the one-day difference. And as always, we find it necessary to crack out our best, most immature jokes to commemorate the occasion. Can we please let go of this now?

4) PIA Celebrates With the Most Unappetizing Cake Known to Man

Turns out PIA tried again. While the effort is certainly appreciated, the question that should’ve been asked after the making of this cake is – would anyone actually be willing to eat it? Especially when it seemingly splits Pakistan’s flag into three pieces? yikes!

5) Can’t Decide Who Was More Dramatic?

There’s no war severer than that between Pakistani politicians and their adversaries, as evidenced by that last resounding “history will never forget”. While this is true, this burning of bills was actually widely celebrated at the time – and one of the stepping stones towards Naya Pakistan. Perhaps comically dramatic, but was it necessary?

6) Don’t Think This Would Be the Quaid’s Greatest Concern, Were He Alive

Judging by the country’s latest economic and political struggles, if Quaid-e-Azam were still alive, he would probably have bigger things to worry about. Which latest hit Bollywood songs people are playing on Independence Day might just pale in comparison.

Every year, Independence Day in Pakistan promises to be a bombastic affair. With an enthusiastic two-week build-up, a veritable storm of celebration on social media, and a rowdy eve night, the real significance of it all often tends to be overshadowed. Does this concept need to be revolutionized or are these bouts of ludicrousness too integral to it?







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