Pakistanis have used Twitter a lot these past days to advance political and social agendas. Independence day today is no different. Tweets from common everyday people and influentials like politicians, celebrities and journalists, have served up some serious food for thought today. They encapsulate thoughts and ideas we must ponder and act upon, not just today but everyday that follows after 14th August as well. Here are a few tweets we collected out of the plethora of gems online today:

First up, this heartwarming tweet with highlights the might of the white in our flag:

Then, this beautiful picture of resilience and hope:

This melodious blast from the past: 


This adorable child serving everyone a heartwarming smile:

This friendly tweet from across the border:

One of our national Bhabi’s giving us some important things to work upon this year:

This friendly reminder to empower our women for real change: 

This very much welcome call for action by Hamza Ali Abbasi:

And lastly, this tweet with a hair raising clip from the movie Jinnah:

Yup, this scene get’s us every time!

Pakistan Zindabad! 


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