A video showing PTI lawmaker Dr.Imran Ali Shah beating up a citizen in Karachi quickly went viral on social media a day ago. The party issued a show-cause notice to Shah yesterday, urging him to give his side of the story within 24 hours. So many things have lapsed since the video went viral today that we decided to compile it and make sense of the situation and what it means for the state of justice in Naya Pakistan.

The video was posted on 14th August during the afternoon.

As the video went viral, PTI was quick to take notice and put in motion the wheels of justice for the citizen. 

Imran Shah took to social media to justify his actions, which apparently involved some altercation on the road. 


We leave you to decide whether you agree with what he says and whether you agree with his apology. But we are wondering why he would constantly say ‘bahut he ghareeb admi lag raha tha’. Why would you even say that?

In a surprising turn of events, Imran Shah apologized to the man he beat up in the altercation


Not sure about you, but we are certainly wondering why there is no voice in this video.

Anywho, next came Imran Shah’s alibi, the guy who he was standing up for apparently. 



All these videos have shown a glimpse of the potential role social media will play in terms of justice in Naya Pakistan. The public apology is definitely something new. It creates a more transparent sense of accountability for the citizens of the country. However, the video of an MPA with his entourage of guards, beating up a fellow citizen in such a way is still quite disconcerting to see. Hoping the issue is resolved soon.

And, while we wait for more updates. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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