Lahore: On Thursday night, when Shaani called Maani, two residents and friends from Old Lahore, they decided to go out and have dinner. As always both friends expected dinner to end with a discussion on Imran Khan and well, rest of Pakistan. Shaani and Maani both do not see eye to eye when it comes to Khan or anything for that matter. Just last week Shaani had an hour long argument with Maani about a supposed hickey on his neck.

Shaani claims the Hickey was a fraud and it’s a bee that has bit him. Maani says he has definitely “scored”.

“Awien jee bakwaas kerda ai, poora din laundoun dai naal haunda ai” – Shaani told propergaanda reporters.

*Angrezi Tarjama (Burgroun kai liyai); He’s lying, he’s with guys every day.

**English translation for angrezi tarjama; English Translation

friends dinner Old Lahore

Maani was seen curiously silent on the comments made by Shaani and refused to elaborate.

The political fever in Pakistan hasn’t been this intense for a while now, family dinners have been destroyed, friends have blocked each other on social media, live stocks have flocked towards wolves, pants have been soiled involuntarily and lucky Irani circus returns on 20th Aug live at fortress stadium, you can’t miss it – tickets available at and heavyhashish.lpc.*

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Finally, coming back to the dinner

Something amazing happened on Thursday night though, while all the tables were going at each other, there was a table that was seen comparatively much milder and talking about school. The naan wala who called ProperGaanda confirmed that at no instance did the gentlemen utter any words about either the Sharifs or the Government.

“Just to stir up something I would mention Zia-Ul-Haq at times, or tell them I support Nawaz Sharif, but absolutely nothing came up in response.”

P.S: Assume this was said in Urdu

P.S.S: We can’t translate shit for you all the time

The naan wala did mention there was a little panic when he mentioned that he was thinking of joining the TLYRA.

Maani and Shaani surprisingly came out fine out of the interaction and even went to have dessert after.

“It felt weirdly relaxing when you don’t give a shit” – Maani told us before getting on a bike with Maani for an Ice Cream. “Cone wali”.