Not so long ago, I decided to venture through the many bakeries of Lahore to curb the craving of the cheesiest cheesecake in town. Several suggestions were made and numerous places recommended. However, after a detailed research, it was decided that cheesecakes taste best when kept simple and served plainly without any raspberry or blueberry coulis. I stayed true to Joey Tribbiani; any café serving a cheesecake with a thick dollop of jelly on top just won’t do.

I could also do without the whipped cream and excessive flavors. After a thorough scouting session, here is a list of 6 places in Lahore serving the finest cheesecakes to curtail your next cheesecake hankering:

1. Hotspot

Hotspot has always been a dessert place and one that doesn’t disappoint. For a long time it was also the only place in Lahore that served quite possibly the best waffles in town. However, with their Philadelphia cheesecake they have truly upped their game. Not only is it one of the most flavorful cheesecakes in town, it is baked very cleverly. In my personal opinion it is slightly overbaked and therefore stiff, the stiffness works impeccably because of the flavor and combination of cheeses used with the cakey crust.

2. Hot fuzon

This has to be a personal favorite. It was quite surprising that during the cheesecake expedition, Hot Fuzon was one of the last places I tried. The revelation was late but interesting, nonetheless. Their New York Cheesecake is simply delightful. It is a thick layer of cheese on the crumbliest graham cracker crust. Despite being a baked cheesecake, the combination of the two melts in the mouth. Every bite is almost transcendental and despite filling you up; makes it impossible for you to stop eating.

3. The Little Eatery

Amongst the new places, The Little Eatery’s classic cheesecake was also a pleasant surprise. Though it is served with a blueberry coulis, what works is that the coulis is not lathered across the top, instead it is served on the side. The flavor of the cheesecake and the coulis is a tricky combination and several get it wrong very easily. However, the Little Eatery was a very pleasant surprise for our taste buds.

4. Second Cup

Even though we’re not major fans of no-bake cheesecakes, Second Cup easily has the best one there is. Made to perfection with its airy cream filling and buttery crust, the cheesecake is an absolute delight to devour on a cold winter evening. What makes their cheesecakes even more wonderful is the plethora of coffees to choose from. A well-brewed cup of black coffee with second cup’s cold cheesecake is how we picture our perfect winter night.

5. Masoom’s

Can one ever really go wrong with Masoom’s? Not really. Masoom’s cheesecake is the most divine out of the list. Baked and balanced to utmost precision; it needs nothing to assist or complement it. Their baked New York Cheesecake is what can easily be called a classic. Perfectly sweet and balanced in flavor with a thick crust base. If you want to experience the quintessential cheesecake, Masoom’s is your winner.

6. Espresso

Espresso is perhaps the only place in Lahore we wouldn’t sue for serving their classic cheesecake with strawberries. It is baked in such a manner that the tangy sweetness of the berries complements the subtle hints of flavor in the cheesecake. With a shot of espresso; you’re good to go.

We don’t know about you, but this has left our mouth watering. So while we head out for another slice of cheesecake, leave a comment below with the name of your favorite restaurant in Lahore that serves the best cheesecake.


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