New York University School of Medicine has recently announced that all medical students will now no longer be required to pay the tuition fees. The cited reason for this change is the ‘overwhelming debt’ that often requires a lifetime for the student to pay off. The fear of debt has resulted in several capable individuals to steer clear from the field of medicine. According to a research conducted in 2017 it was learnt that more than 75% of the students graduating from the medical department were in hefty debts.

The average level of a single debt was calculated to reach up to $190,000 (£149,000).

Several graduates feared not being able to pay it off within their lifetime. To counter these fears, the university is currently raising funds to meet a sum total of $600 million so that the scholarships can be made available on a more permanent basis. Students will only be required to look into their accommodation and living expenses.

The university surprised the medical students as it was announced during its annual White Coat Ceremony held on Thursday. NYU stated; “student debt is fundamentally reshaping the medical profession in ways that are adversely affecting healthcare”. More than 2500 supporters have allowed the administration at NYU to turn this desire into a reality.

This has made NYU a part of the 10 US located medical schools that offer such financial help to their students.

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