Imran Khan has been sworn in as the 22nd premier of Pakistan and twitter has been ablaze with celebrations. #PrimeMinisterIK has been trending and here are our favourite tweets of the day:

1. Eid came early this time for some

2. And then there was the Naswaar scare

3. We can all relate to the new PM in this regards

4. A jab was taken at Mamnoon Hussain 

5. Comparisons between Imran Khan and Muhammad Ali Jinnah were drawn up

6. Bilawal Bhutto wasn’t spared either

7. Khan’s quick action on twitter was brought forth

8. A few more jabs were taken at Mamnoon Hussain

9. More than a few people woke up early morning to watch the oath taking ceremony

10. And then things got a bit dark

11. And of course, Hamza Ali Abassi tweeted

12. While insaafiyans cried tears of happiness a few others shed tears too

13. And there was this heartfelt congratulations full of optimism 

Whether you voted for PTI or not, Imran Khan has been sworn in as our premier and we wish him the best of luck.


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