Every Eid ul Azha, as soon as the animal is sacrificed preparations begin to grill and cook its meat in countless ways. All people eat is red meat for days until their stock is finished. Achar Gosht, BBQ, Potay Kaleji are just a few items that will be made in every household for the next month or so. There is no concept of a balanced meal. If someone is seen eating something different he is declared crazy and sometimes disrespectful as well.

So whether you are looking for a more diverse taste palette or don’t eat meat, here are 7 meals that you can cook to spice up things this Eid.

1) Daal makhni

A  traditional dish from our neighbors, which is a great addition to your Eid parties. Here is a low cal version for all the weight watchers.

2) Grilled Fish

There is a lot of BBQ parties to host and attend this season, so having a low cal meat such as fish for all the diet freaks is always welcome.

3) Falafel

A  middle eastern delicacy; it may not be the healthiest option out there cause it is commonly  fried but you can bake it too and serve with a fresh salad and tahini sauce. It is full of protein as it is mainly made up a mixture of lentils and chickpeas, so you won’t be missing out on too much if you don’t eat the qurbani meat.

4) Chicken Khaw Suey

Chicken is completely neglected during Eid. Khaw suey a Memon and Burmese delicacy, which is different from our run of the mill dishes can be a great addition to your Eid menu . To make it healthier swap the whole wheat spaghetti with the normal variant. Also, use low fat yogurt and control the amount of oil you add. If you wish it can also be made using beef or mutton.

5) Vegetable Qorma

While there may be many delicious ‘deghs’ of meat qorma being made, try this vegetable qorma for variation in your menu for those vegetarians in your circle.

6) Namkeen Rosh

An Afghani specialty fit for anyone who doesn’t want to eat anything except red meat. However, this is devoid of the traditional masalas, which makes it a relatively less painful option for your stomach. So enjoy this dish packed with protein, minus the botheration that comes with all the traditional masalas.

7) Sugar-Free Mango Kulfi

Tired of eating Sheer on Eid? Or a traditional gulab jamun, which has approx of 150 calories per ball? Try this healthy mango kulfi which will help you cool down in this heat and let you enjoy mangoes till the season lasts.

Happy eating and remember to keep Eno and Isphagol handy!


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