As soon as Eid ul Fitr ends people start counting days to Eid- ul-Azha cause we all need a reason to celebrate and enjoy. But here 7 things and behaviors that spoil the fun in this otherwise hearty day.

1) Showoff

In recent years, there has been a rising culture amongst the elite of buying super expensive and rare animals to boast of. Days before Eid, tents are set up with such animals by these people. There is an unsaid competition between these people on who outdid the others and the previous years in terms of buying animals this year. Common people stand in lines to catch a glimpse of these animals and mainstream media gives them all the attention. This is extremely unhealthy for the society as it is making a  simple religious obligation of sacrifice that turns into a show off who has more money to buy the better animal. Whatever that even means. 

2) Danger

It’s fun to walk animals or play with them but not when they go crazy and hit you. During the days before  Eid, you need to be conscious while walking on the road because any crazy animal could emerge from anywhere and hit you. So don’t torture animals as such that they end up hurting someone or damaging someone’s property. Stay safe and treat your animals with kindness and love as per the true spirit of qurbani. 

3) Blood and Dung

Even days before Eid cow and buffalo dung is everywhere. You need to be careful with your steps. On Eid days all the waste from the sacrifice is left on the roads with rivers of blood flowing on the streets. Hope our Naya Pakistan’s new government and citizens make an effort to keep our streets like the way they keep their homes clean.

4) Hoarding.

One of the main preps for Eid is to make sure your freezer can fit the whole animal, some people even have a designated separate freezer for Eid. People store the whole qurbani meat for themselves or their relatives (Yes some amongst are that extra)/ Most of us eat meat all year round and this is one of those times the less privileged will get to eat it so share with them instead of hoarding for yourselves as it is also a religious obligation on us and also a vital part of sacrificing an animal.

5) Over Eating

As soon as the animal is sacrificed people will be seen stuffing their faces with greasy meals made of red meat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Nothing else is eaten during these days – our humble miss chicken is completely forgotten.. The scene continues for days, people forget what is moderation is and the result is they end up in hospitals for upset stomachs, elevated blood pressures, and cholesterol levels. Also, all that meat eating is the reason for the extra numbers on the weighing scale after Eid. If you didn’t know that already that is. 

6) Qassai

Finding a nice qassai who agrees on your rate and does his work properly is harder than finding a new house as they have very high tantrums and rates during Eid. You need to be cautious while finding a qassai because they are a lot of seasonal inexperienced qassai in the market who know nothing about butchering and are just there to make some extra cash.

7) Family Feuds

There will be at least one member of the clan, it could be your phupho, mamu or even chacho who won’t be at good terms simply cause he or she might not be getting enough importance or their favorite cut of meat. Who to invite or not invite for the family BBQ will be enough to start a mini-war in the family.

This Eid lets forget the differences and try to share maximum happiness with everyone and avoid all sorts of show off. 

*Illustration Credit: Syed Umair SirNawaz*


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